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Carol Stream, Ill., Feb. 27, 2015 – “You inspire people by your very actions. You may not know it b […]

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Konekt Connects IoT Devices

What role will cellular connectivity play in propagating the IoT (Internet of Things)?

By |2/27/2015|

Wind River Enhances Products for IoT

Wind River,, is enhancing and expanding its Wind River Helix product portfolio to address the system-level opportunities and challenges of the IoT (Internet of Things) through the formation of a professional services practice to assist customers with the deployment of IoT apps.

By |2/27/2015|

Retail Study Reports Mobile Tech Preference

The results of a retail research report and Web survey on mobile consumer engagement and purchases reveal the needs and preferences of today's mobile-centric consumer are changing.

By |2/27/2015|

Taking Technology to Heart

In honor of American Heart Month, Omron Healthcare,, and AliveCor,, are encouraging people to take charge of their health through connected technology—with Omr […]

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Energy-Efficient Tech Offsets Larger Homes

The U.S. EIA (Energy Information Admin.),, reports that although the average size of new homes has become larger in terms of square-footage, homes in the U.S. have become more energy efficient during the past few decades.

By |2/26/2015|

CEA Response to FDA’s Guidelines

The CEA (Consumer Electronics Assn.),, has responded favorably to the final guidelines released earlier this month by the FDA (Food and Drug Admin.),, in relation to the use of MDDS (medical device data systems).

By |2/26/2015|

Above Security Snags IA Integrator

Canadian-based global security provider Above Security,, expandis its customer base through the acquisition yet another Canadian-based company.

By |2/26/2015|

Update All Software from One Campaign

In this world of unprecedented convenience, managing and updating software can be challenging. Seeing this, Redbend,, has announced the availability of its new software management platform, called Redbend 10.

By |2/26/2015|

TI makes battery-less IoT connectivity possible with the industry’s first multi-standard wireless microcontroller platform

Texas Instruments (TI) (NASDAQ: TXN) today announced the new SimpleLink™ ultra-low power wireless microcontroller (MCU) platform that helps customers go battery-less with energy harvesting or enjoy always-on, coin cell-powered operation for multiple years. With this industry-first technology, customers have the flexibility to develop products that support multiple wireless connectivity standards using a single-chip and identical RF design.

By |2/25/2015|

Analytics Platform for the IoT

A new IoT (Internet of Things) platform is being heralded as a means to extend analytical capabilities to address needs of designers, manufacturers, owners, and operators of what its developer calls “all kinds of ‘things.’”

By |2/25/2015|

New Venture for RFID, IoT

A new partnership is looking to advance IoT (Internet of Things) and RFID (radio-frequency identification).

By |2/25/2015|

Interoperability Still Needed for IoT

With Gartner estimating that by 2020 there will be 25 million connected devices; it seems inevitable the IoT (Internet of Things) will be the way of the future. The problem is automated devices are limited by manufacturers only enabling connectivity among their own product range.

By |2/25/2015|

Patient Record Exchanges Still A Decade Away?

As in many other sectors of the technology marketplace, “persistent unpredictability” describes the current state of operative HIEs (Health Information Exchanges), according to Black Book Market Research,, which provides comprehensive comparison data for the healthcare industry, in its latest HIE stakeholder survey of hospitals, insurers, physicians, labs, and pharmacies.

By |2/25/2015|

SanDisk Introduces NAND Flash Solutions

SanDisk,, has introduced a new suite of automotive grade NAND (Negative-AND) flash solutions designed for next generation connected cars and automotive infotainment systems.

By |2/24/2015|