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The Connected World staff contributes daily news articles to the Website on a regular basis, writing about the latest trends in the M2M and connected-device space.

The Automotive M2M Value Chain

Thinking about driving a connected car off the lot in 2015?

By |10/23/2014|

ADLINK and Intel Team up for Transformation

ADLINK Technology, and Intel,, have announced they are unveiling a collaborative technology strategy as part of opening a demo room at ADLINK’s Shanghai Operations Center.

By |10/23/2014|

Icontrol Expands Ecosystem and Global Presence

Icontrol,, has had its eyes set on growing its market presence and has now taken steps toward that with a few business moves.

By |10/23/2014|

Apple and Samsung Putting Fingerprint on Market

The fingerprint sensor market is one to keep an eye on during the next few years, and two companies are expected to lead charge in that area.

By |10/23/2014|

Intel Addresses ‘Retail Security Gap’

Addressing data security is one important way M2M and IoT (Internet of Things) companies can help drive the industry forward.

By |10/22/2014|

New Online Store Tied to Bluetooth Smart

A new online store is being launched offering devices based solely on Bluetooth Smart,

By |10/22/2014|

TomTom Takes a Right Turn Online

TomTom,, offers a turn-by turn online navigational service application for connected devices without having the burden to store a large offline map.

By |10/22/2014|

Qualcomm Makes Strategic Moves in IoT

Qualcomm,, a provider of wireless technologies, has revealed some strategic moves.

By |10/21/2014|

Lantiq integrates HAN FUN into Smart Home

Lantiq,, a supplier of broadband access and home-networking technologies, strategizes to make the broadband gateway the central node for smart home networks.

By |10/21/2014|

CEA Unveils Smart-home Devices Research

Numbers don’t lie, so the saying goes.

By |10/21/2014|

Businesses Benefit from a Boost

Mobile connectivity has changed the way we interact with devices both at home and at work—but are you getting the most out of your mobile devices on the job?

By |10/20/2014|

Embedded SIM Spec to Foster Growth IoT

The connected-devices world is growing at a fast clip.

By |10/20/2014|

Refueling Made Simpler

New inventions are infiltrating the world of M2M.

By |10/20/2014|

IBM Expands Watson Ecosystem

According to IBM,, next-generation leaders strive to answer the question: How can my organization make a difference?

By |10/20/2014|

Smart-Water Meter Floods the Market

According to a report from IHS Technology,, the worldwide smart-meter market is set to surpass $1 billion in 2019.

By |10/17/2014|