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Tim Lindner is a senior business consultant with a software company, and a regular contributor to Connected World. In addition to writing the In a Nutshell column in the magazine, he also writes a regular patent blog for the Website. He can be reached at tlindner@connectedworld.com

Structured Prediction, Anti-Virtualization and Shumpeter’s “Creative Destruction” at Work

In my January 2 blog I wrote about the language used in patents, and more specifically, the unusual words that pop up in the titles of patents.

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Interview with Maurice Coyle, CEO and Co-Founder, HeyStaks Technologies Ltd.

Ireland: The Emerald Isle. A place of deep Gaelic legends and lore, a people gifted with the ability to tell them well, and a globally recognized maker of fine linens, award winning whiskey, and of course, Guinness, the nectar of the gods.

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Wireless Energy Transmission and Robots Past and Present

One of the companies being granted a patent with the start of the New Year is WiTricity Corp., about which I wrote in three of my blogs in 2014.

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The Language of Patents: Explorers Welcomed

As 2014 came to a close and the New Year was ringing in, I found myself thinking about patent grants that could help me discover technologies that might come to market in the next few years.

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Interview with Sebastian Mejia, CEO and Co-Founder, Grability, Inc.

As a reader of Connected World it is a safe bet that you have shopped online with a retail merchant. You may have used a connected device such as a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone to access ...

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Interview with Emer O’Daly, CEO, Love & Robots


Every day, it seems, we read in a newspaper or see on television another new product made by companies or research institutions using the techniques of additive manufacturing, popularl […]

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Google: A Many-Sided Patent Engine

Google Inc. was granted Patent 8,902,714 (“Smart Watch Including Flip-Up Display”) this week. When you look at the drawing of the device in the patent, it has a very high degree of similarity of the f […]

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Making It up As They Went Along

In late September of this year, NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) launched on a commercial Dragon capsule from SpaceX, Elon Musk’s space venture, a 3D printer to be installed on the Int’l Space Station. The printer was produced by Made In Space under contract to NASA.

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Reducing Shipping Costs Through Connected Expertise

The start of the Christmas holiday shopping frenzy is about a month away.

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Patent Report: A Glimpse of Disney’s Future with Unmanned Aircraft Systems

Once upon a time, a man drew an animated mouse, and the world was changed forever.

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Helpful Things

Cyber-security is front of mind these days, and even the cover story of the current issue of Connected World.

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Improving Weather Forecasting

Whatever your belief may be about global warming induced by human activity as the cause for the changing weather patterns we are experiencing across the planet, the changes will have ecological, economic and geopolitical impact.

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FUD: Creating a Threatening Forecast for Cloud Computing?

If you have ever been in politics or sales, then you have heard of FUD: Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt. Used proactively, it can help disrupt things like a competitor’s sales pitch or a political opponent’s trustworthiness.

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Does a Patent Have Geopolitical Significance?

At the end of July, and to be specific, on July 28, the world commemorated the start of World War 1, a war that became a cataclysm setting off so much of the global unrest we experience today.

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Google, Trains and Wearables, Oh My!

Earlier in my career, I worked in mid-town Manhattan (the heart of New York City). Every working day, I would commute an hour to and an hour from the city on Metro-North, one of the larger metropolitan train systems in the U.S.

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