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Tim Lindner is a senior business consultant with a software company, and a regular contributor to Connected World. In addition to writing the In a Nutshell column in the magazine, he also writes a regular patent blog for the Website. He can be reached at tlindner@connectedworld.com
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Interview with Brendan Walsh, CEO, SmartBin

“Garbage,” “trash,” and “waste” are words we use to describe anything that we no longer need, use or want; we get rid of the offending items as soon as we can.
By |5/6/2015|
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Interview with Phil Johnston, Cofounder, Virt Inc.

Depending on how old you are, when you hear the phrase “virtual reality” you either think back to the “first wave” of the 1990s or to present-time names such as Oculus Rift, Microsoft and Sony.
By |4/27/2015|
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M2M: It’s Why Your Smartphone Is Not a Useless Brick

Recently I was cleaning out a closet and found my old Motorola StarTAC cellphone. Introduced in 1996, it was the closest thing to a Star Trek Communicator that I would ever own.
By |4/6/2015|
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Interview with Cameron Lilly, Vice President – Information Technology and Services, Enterprise Ireland

Finding money to launch a technology company is hard. So is getting access to competent advisors that can help founders of startups navigate the treacherous waters through which their nascent enterprises must sail.
By |3/18/2015|
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Interview with Chuck Franzetta, CEO, Franzetta & Associates, Inc.

The Supply Chain is one of the great mysteries of life to most people in industrialized countries including the United States. We take for granted that the products we buy at stores will be there when we want them, and delivered to our doorsteps tomorrow if we buy them online.
By |3/13/2015|
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Interview with Jeff Hilliard, President, Compudigital Industries

Have you ever met a technological Renaissance man? Someone who evokes the creative genius of a Leonardo Da Vinci applied to devices and software?
By |3/12/2015|
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Interview with William Spadola, Director, Kyocera Managed Document Services

When you hear the phrases “smart device” or “connected device” you probably envision a smartphone or a tablet.
By |3/9/2015|
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“Haptics” Is Happening!

About two years ago, a savvy technology sales executive said to me that there are two “megatechnologies” based on human senses that would fuel significant business opportunities during the coming decade. They are “vision” and “voice.”
By |2/24/2015|
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The Connected Airline Passenger: “The Future Is Personal”

SITA, a leading air transport industry communications and information technology consultancy, today released an important new study about airline passengers, their smartphones and use of mobile technology, and the impact on airlines and airports requiring infrastructure changes to keep pace with the expectations of the “connected passenger.”
By |2/24/2015|
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How Do You Say “Social Networking” in M2M: Swarming

I particularly like one of the definitions for the word “swarm” that can be found in the Merriam Webster dictionary: “A large number of animate or inanimate things massed together and usually in motion.” Swarms of individual animals, such as birds, can attain incredible mass, involving thousands moving in lockstep with each other.
By |2/9/2015|
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Structured Prediction, Anti-Virtualization and Shumpeter’s “Creative Destruction” at Work

In my January 2 blog I wrote about the language used in patents, and more specifically, the unusual words that pop up in the titles of patents.
By |1/16/2015|
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Interview with Maurice Coyle, CEO and Co-Founder, HeyStaks Technologies Ltd.

Ireland: The Emerald Isle. A place of deep Gaelic legends and lore, a people gifted with the ability to tell them well, and a globally recognized maker of fine linens, award winning whiskey, and of course, Guinness, the nectar of the gods.
By |1/12/2015|
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Wireless Energy Transmission and Robots Past and Present

One of the companies being granted a patent with the start of the New Year is WiTricity Corp., about which I wrote in three of my blogs in 2014.
By |1/12/2015|
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The Language of Patents: Explorers Welcomed

As 2014 came to a close and the New Year was ringing in, I found myself thinking about patent grants that could help me discover technologies that might come to market in the next few years.
By |1/2/2015|