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The Language of Patents: Explorers Welcomed

As 2014 came to a close and the New Year was ringing in, I found myself thinking about patent grants that could help me discover technologies that might come to market in the next few years.
By |1/2/2015|
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Cybersecurity Spending Positive for IoT

It’s interesting to note that one way to find out where people, companies, organizations, and governments place their priorities is to look at how these various entities spend their money.
By |12/15/2014|
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Target to Blame for Cyber Breach

It seems every day I talk about cybercrime and companies tell me that it’s not a focus for them. All I can do is tell them about Target.
By |12/9/2014|
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Patient-Monitoring Changes Our Lifestyles

In the world of connected devices the patent-monitoring business continues to get stronger. This is only reinforced by the surge in remote-patient monitoring.
By |12/8/2014|
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Google: A Many-Sided Patent Engine

Google Inc. was granted Patent 8,902,714 (“Smart Watch Including Flip-Up Display”) this week. When you look at the drawing of the device in the patent, it has a very high degree of similarity of the f […]

By |12/4/2014|
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3D and the Holidays

It’s always exciting to hear about technology breakthroughs. But when I hear about a story that helps a child, I just can’t talk or write enough about it.
By |12/3/2014|
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Artificial Intelligence Will Provide the Human Touch

Our fast-moving, fast-changing connected world will only get faster. Crowdfunding platforms such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo have opened the door for creative individuals and companies...
By |11/20/2014|
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Kore’s Big Coup

In an opportunity to transform two companies into perhaps one giant company...
By |11/11/2014|
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Performance-Enhancing Data Helps NFL

I don’t know of any member of the Connected World staff that is not a huge fan of the National Football League and as a member of the M2M community, the announcement that the NFL would be deploying Zebra Technologies’ MotionWorks sports solution to track players via RFID (radio-frequency identification) during the 2014 season was just about as exciting as it gets.
By |10/28/2014|
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Common IoT Platform in My Lifetime?

I know the moment I started writing this blog it wouldn’t be long before more than a few IoT (Internet of Things) vendors were going to be upset with me.
By |10/23/2014|