Can Numerex Blend All These Companies?

I have been covering the M2M arena for 15 years now and you could say I know where all the bodies are buried. I know all the movers, shakers, and even all the players, if you know what I mean.

MVP Ranking on the CW 100

During the offseason we have spent considerable time looking at the M2M industry’s farm system. So there’s only one thing really left to do and that’s to look at the major league players to round out the Fall League for the CW 100.

Patent Report: May 6, 2014

A good friend of mine recently asked me why I write about patents. Part of my answer was the ability to “connect the dots” between the present and the past.

Stopping a Ring, Bing, and a Tweet

I can’t help but chuckle every time I hear people say we are becoming a society that is addicted to our mobile devices. The reason I snicker is that there is no “becoming” in any of this.

Patent Report: April 29, 2014

Whatever your personal opinion may be regarding the sanctioning by the FAA (Federal Aviation Admin.) of the commercial use of unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) in U.S. airspace beginning next year, from a pure technological perspective, improvements for its use continue to appear in the patent grants each week. One example is Patent 8,708,277 (“Method and Apparatus for Automated Launch, Retrieval and Servicing of a Hovering Aircraft”) awarded this week to Aerovel Corp.

Patent Report: April 22, 2014

What separates a path-blazing patent from an “every day” one? Put another way, what makes a patent “strategic” for a company, enabling it to gain significant competitive advantage over its competition?

Cyber Threats Up, Are You Prepared?

Security is foremost on the minds of anyone who is involved in the world of connected devices, M2M, or the IoT (Internet of things) these days and with good reason. Data breaches and cyber threats are plaguing just about every industry.

Patent Report: April 15, 2014

News coverage of unmanned aerial vehicles, also called drones, for use in non-military applications is increasing as the FAA moves closer to issuing rules for their use in the United States. It has been reported that the first round of rules will probably be limited to use by emergency responders.

Women of M2M Shine

When we selected this year’s Women of M2M,we went beyond just typecasting the traditional power elite that I suspect most people might have anticipated. Rather, the women chosen this year epitomize what M2M has evolved into today.

New Patent Report: April 8, 2014

Robots that become like us in thought and capabilities have long held a prominent position in science fiction going back to its humble beginnings including a stunning “first view” in Fritz Lang’s 1927 film classic Metropolis. Much has been accomplished since then to make the dream a reality, including robots with empathic skills functioning as companions for elderly and ill people.