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Patent Report: A Glimpse of Disney’s Future with Unmanned Aircraft Systems

Once upon a time, a man drew an animated mouse, and the world was changed forever.
By |10/16/2014|
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AT&T Plays Shell Game with Your Money

When I asked for an interview with Glenn Lurie, the president and CEO of AT&T Mobility I was given the brush off for the very first time by his minions.
By |10/9/2014|
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Connecting a Security Breach and Distracted Driving

There is a correlation between cyber-security and driver distraction and most people probably never really made the connection.
By |10/3/2014|
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Helpful Things

Cyber-security is front of mind these days, and even the cover story of the current issue of Connected World.
By |10/2/2014|
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Driverless Cars and Distracted Driving Don’t Mix

I just spent the last few days in Atlanta at Mobility Live and after all the talk about technology I wasn’t surprised to hear people saying Georgia just might be one of the first states to receive the self-driving cars from Google.
By |9/30/2014|
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The Chicago Cubs and the CW 100

Recently Connected World magazine unveiled its ranking of the elite technology leaders based on their contributions to the connected devices marketplace.
By |9/23/2014|
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Improving Weather Forecasting

Whatever your belief may be about global warming induced by human activity as the cause for the changing weather patterns we are experiencing across the planet, the changes will have ecological, economic and geopolitical impact.
By |9/16/2014|
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RacoWireless Taking Names

As the mobile world descends in Las Vegas for the annual CTIA show I wonder how many people really stand out in this industry as real drivers of what so many affectionately refer to it as the IoT (Internet of Things) or M2M?
By |9/9/2014|
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Apple Security

Everyone is talking about what Apple is going to roll out this week with its new smartphone and smartwatch. I have to admit even I am curious about what these new versions of the smartphone are going to do.
By |9/8/2014|
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Does a Patent Have Geopolitical Significance?

At the end of July, and to be specific, on July 28, the world commemorated the start of World War 1, a war that became a cataclysm setting off so much of the global unrest we experience today.
By |9/5/2014|