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When Human Bites Robot: Why Roboethics Will Matter – and Soon

I woke up this morning to find a front page story in The Wall Street Journal about the vandalizing of robotic sign wavers in Los Angeles.

By | 12/1/2015|

The Uncarrier View to 2G Sunset?

It’s been talked about for years, yet it is still weighs heavily on the minds of many people. We are talking about the sunset of 2G.

By | 11/19/2015|

Hands-Free Is Risky

I have talked to several people lately about a study conducted from AAA about hands-free technology and everyone I talk to seems a little be surprised.

By | 11/12/2015|

Ethical Hackers

When you hear the word “hacker,” I suspect you automatically get a bad taste in your mouth. And why wouldn’t you?

By | 11/5/2015|

With Great Technology Comes Great Responsibility

I think the headline says it all. Starting today this is officially going to be my new tagline for everything I say and do.

By | 10/29/2015|

Transformation = Disruption: Where Are You?

Transformation = Disruption. Regardless of your view of the IoT (Internet of Things) marketplace, those two words say it all.

By | 10/22/2015|

Renesas Execs Off to the Races

Early this week I sat down with several execs of Renesas Electronics, www.renesas.com, during their DevCon event. Each exec was smarter than the next.

By | 10/15/2015|

Chief Data Scientist for IoT

If you can’t measure it, you can’t fix it. These are the words that empower inspiration and as a result, there is probably no truer statement on this planet.

By | 10/8/2015|

IoT Ignites Factory Automation

One of the most exciting things about running a publication is not only reporting on news and events, but being able to foreshadow trends, and as a result help companies plan for the future via market predictions.

By | 10/5/2015|

IoT and Football

We have a lot of sports fans on our staff here at Connected World magazine and, therefore, we get pretty pumped up about covering all the ways connected devices and the IoT (Internet of Things) intersect with the games we love to play and the ones we love to watch.

By | 9/24/2015|