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Connected Car Lawsuits Begin

It was only a matter a time before this was going to happen. And now it has. A lawsuit has been filed against three leading automakers seeking damages in the millions.
By |3/24/2015|
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Not Neutral with Net Neutrality

Depending on what side of the fence you are on is whether you support net neutrality. But if there is one thing for sure, the debate on this subject will go on, and on, and on, regardless of the FCC (Federal Communications Commission), www.fcc.gov, ruling last week.
By |3/2/2015|
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Cyber Starts with the CEO

If you listen to the news these days, if we aren’t talking about something as horrible as threats to human life with terrorists, we are talking about a cyberattack.
By |2/26/2015|
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“Haptics” Is Happening!

About two years ago, a savvy technology sales executive said to me that there are two “megatechnologies” based on human senses that would fuel significant business opportunities during the coming decade. They are “vision” and “voice.”
By |2/24/2015|
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The Connected Airline Passenger: “The Future Is Personal”

SITA, a leading air transport industry communications and information technology consultancy, today released an important new study about airline passengers, their smartphones and use of mobile technology, and the impact on airlines and airports requiring infrastructure changes to keep pace with the expectations of the “connected passenger.”
By |2/24/2015|
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The $64,000 Question

Have you ever wondered who is listening to your conversations? Are you concerned your personal messages might be made public?
By |2/20/2015|
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The Cyber Bank Heist

Today on my radio show http://www.peggysmedleyshow.com/ 12 CT, once again I will be talking about perhaps the most common approaches behind many of the cyberattacks that are making headline news and what companies need to be doing to fend off the bad guys in the M2M/IoT (Internet of Things) marketplace.
By |2/17/2015|
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You Will Be Hacked

How did you celebrate Data Privacy Day? It’s a pretty safe bet that most businesses and consumers didn’t pay close attention to January 28, which commemorates the signing of Convention 108, the first legally binding international treaty dealing with privacy and data protection, in 1981.
By |2/10/2015|
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IoT Readies for Shakeup

The world M2M/IoT (Internet of Things) is not without its drama. And when it’s a tight-knit community like the world of connected devices news travels fast.
By |2/2/2015|
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Structured Prediction, Anti-Virtualization and Shumpeter’s “Creative Destruction” at Work

In my January 2 blog I wrote about the language used in patents, and more specifically, the unusual words that pop up in the titles of patents.
By |1/16/2015|