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The Connected Airline Passenger: “The Future Is Personal”

SITA, a leading air transport industry communications and information technology consultancy, today released an important new study about airline passengers, their smartphones and use of mobile technology, and the impact on airlines and airports requiring infrastructure changes to keep pace with the expectations of the “connected passenger.”
By |2/24/2015|
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The $64,000 Question

Have you ever wondered who is listening to your conversations? Are you concerned your personal messages might be made public?
By |2/20/2015|
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The Cyber Bank Heist

Today on my radio show http://www.peggysmedleyshow.com/ 12 CT, once again I will be talking about perhaps the most common approaches behind many of the cyberattacks that are making headline news and what companies need to be doing to fend off the bad guys in the M2M/IoT (Internet of Things) marketplace.
By |2/17/2015|
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You Will Be Hacked

How did you celebrate Data Privacy Day? It’s a pretty safe bet that most businesses and consumers didn’t pay close attention to January 28, which commemorates the signing of Convention 108, the first legally binding international treaty dealing with privacy and data protection, in 1981.
By |2/10/2015|
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IoT Readies for Shakeup

The world M2M/IoT (Internet of Things) is not without its drama. And when it’s a tight-knit community like the world of connected devices news travels fast.
By |2/2/2015|
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Structured Prediction, Anti-Virtualization and Shumpeter’s “Creative Destruction” at Work

In my January 2 blog I wrote about the language used in patents, and more specifically, the unusual words that pop up in the titles of patents.
By |1/16/2015|
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Losing Control to Cybersecurity Threats

For many consumers our biggest concern was that Big Brother may be watching. Now we have to be more concerned that Big Brother is really a Big Bad guy lurking in the deep dark Web...
By |1/13/2015|
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Wireless Energy Transmission and Robots Past and Present

One of the companies being granted a patent with the start of the New Year is WiTricity Corp., about which I wrote in three of my blogs in 2014.
By |1/12/2015|
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The Language of Patents: Explorers Welcomed

As 2014 came to a close and the New Year was ringing in, I found myself thinking about patent grants that could help me discover technologies that might come to market in the next few years.
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Cybersecurity Spending Positive for IoT

It’s interesting to note that one way to find out where people, companies, organizations, and governments place their priorities is to look at how these various entities spend their money.
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