Patent Report: June 3, 2014

Inspiration for this week’s report came from an unusual source: My neighbor. We were chatting over the fence on Tuesday, and he mentioned how much he did not like his new credit card.

Patent Report: May 27, 2014

Most people take for granted the things they want to buy will be on a shelf in a store waiting for them. Or, they will appear on their doorstep within a day or two after clicking the “Complete Purchase” button in the online store.

Bullying Your Message Never Works

I love covering technology. I love meeting new people. I love learning new things.

Patent Report: May 13-20, 2014

In the past two weeks, in addition to the grants of some intriguing patents highlighted below, I caught a thread of an argument about the relevance of patent protection. Instead of encouraging innovation, patents discourage it.

Security As Brand Attribute in IoT: The 30-Day and 30-Month Views.

Pure genius! I witnessed it.

Can Numerex Blend All These Companies?

I have been covering the M2M arena for 15 years now and you could say I know where all the bodies are buried. I know all the movers, shakers, and even all the players, if you know what I mean.

MVP Ranking on the CW 100

During the offseason we have spent considerable time looking at the M2M industry’s farm system. So there’s only one thing really left to do and that’s to look at the major league players to round out the Fall League for the CW 100.

Patent Report: May 6, 2014

A good friend of mine recently asked me why I write about patents. Part of my answer was the ability to “connect the dots” between the present and the past.

Stopping a Ring, Bing, and a Tweet

I can’t help but chuckle every time I hear people say we are becoming a society that is addicted to our mobile devices. The reason I snicker is that there is no “becoming” in any of this.

Patent Report: April 29, 2014

Whatever your personal opinion may be regarding the sanctioning by the FAA (Federal Aviation Admin.) of the commercial use of unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) in U.S. airspace beginning next year, from a pure technological perspective, improvements for its use continue to appear in the patent grants each week. One example is Patent 8,708,277 (“Method and Apparatus for Automated Launch, Retrieval and Servicing of a Hovering Aircraft”) awarded this week to Aerovel Corp.