IoT and Football

We have a lot of sports fans on our staff here at Connected World magazine and, therefore, we get pretty pumped up about covering all the ways connected devices and the IoT (Internet of Things) intersect with the games we love to play and the ones we love to watch.

By | 9/24/2015|

IoT Ignites the Enterprise

The IoT (Internet of Things) offers the enterprise space so many opportunities to discover some real value that most have yet to discover.

By | 9/17/2015|

Smartwatches Behind the Wheel

It seems wearables are on everyone’s minds these days. The reason people are asking so much is that wearables are being used in so many applications, including healthcare, fitness, sports, and even fashion.

By | 9/10/2015|

Can Robotic Mothers Be Proud of Their Children?

On August 12, the University of Cambridge (UK) first published highlights of efforts by its researchers to design, build, and deploy a “mother” robot capable of making 10 “children,” determine which of the 10 were the “best fit” to its intended use, and then incorporate the features of the best child into the next generation of children it would produce

By | 9/4/2015|

Being Aware of the Consequences

In today's society we are focused on getting things done fast. That means multitasking. That means doing whatever it takes regardless of thinking of the consequences.

By | 9/2/2015|

It’s All about the Alphabet

It’s no surprise that a lot of people are in awe of Google. It comes as no surprise that when Google execs talk people listen.

By | 8/27/2015|

Securing Our Future

Security is more than a growing concern in this country. This past February even Connected World dedicated its entire 2015 Connected World Conference to it.

By | 8/20/2015|

Reflecting on Driver Distraction

Last week on The Peggy Smedley Radio Show we addressed the latest “It Can Wait” video/commercial series by AT&T, If you haven’t already seen it, I encourage you to do so and have your friends, family, and colleagues do the same.

By | 8/10/2015|

HP Talks Smack?

Recently, a new report came out from HP (Hewlett-Packard) about smartwatches and security, or, rather, the lack thereof.

By | 8/6/2015|

Crowdfunding Sparks Innovators

Whether you are a dreamer, innovator, engineer, or even a large corporation, there is no better time than today to have an idea.

By | 7/30/2015|