Floor Plan


Here is your chance to get on the show floor and reach thousands of individuals who are hungry for information about connected devices, and looking for a hands-on experience.

Five targeted pavilions will put on display the companies developing devices and apps across various markets. As our world continues to become connected, the vehicle is rapidly becoming the hub that connects the various aspects of our lives: our health, our energy footprint, and our home life. Connected World Conference will showcase this idea “live” on the show floor through the companies that are developing products and services that truly create a connected world.

This pavilion places a spotlight on the most popular connected cars. It will feature exciting developments associated with safety, convenience, and infotainment technologies. The companies that develop apps and products to enhance the in-vehicle experience will be displaying their latest jaw-dropping innovations.

Targeted apps, devices, and products that help us better manage our energy footprint will be on display. Whether it is smart meters for the home or energy applications that have a direct tie-in with the in-vehicle experience, smart energy devices will be the focus of this pavilion.

The Connected Health/Fitness pavilion showcases apps and devices that help measure and manage vital health and fitness data. Whether it is a device that helps measure blood-glucose levels, sends updates of patient records to doctors, or can track sleep patterns or run data, this pavilion has it all.

Pull into your driveway and with the tap of an app or a specific voice command you will be able to turn on your home’s lights, adjust the thermostat, or even start the oven. The Connected Home Pavilion is the place to see the latest and greatest apps and devices that enhance the at-home experience. Some even have a direct tie to the in-vehicle experience, essentially creating the ultimate connected lifestyle.

The most exciting ventures in the connected world are coming from incubators and university programs. The Start-Up! Pavilion will showcase some of the best-of-the-best from both worlds, giving you a chance to see such innovations firsthand. New participants will be featured within this pavilion throughout the course of the event. This pavilion features a series of companies selected by Connected World magazine for having the next great connected device or app idea.