Below is the list of current speakers for the conference.

Seth Danberry, a cyber-security expert, is the president and cofounder of Grid32, a provider of penetration testing and other cyber-security services. Leading organizations hire Grid32 to hack into their networks and expose and remediate issues before malicious sources find them. Seth has nearly twenty years of experience managing and securing information technology infrastructures, lending technology support to organizations such as the U.S. Navy, U.S. Air Force, AOL, and NASA. Seth is an alumnus of the University Of Rhode Island and holds numerous IT and Information Security certifications.

Paul is the founder/president of CSFI (Cyber Security Forum Initiative) and its divisions CSFI-CWD (Cyber Warfare Division) and CSFI-LPD (Law and Policy Division). He is the co-author of the book Strategic Intelligence Management (National Cyber Defense Strategy), he serves as an advisor for the MCPA (Military Cyber Professionals Association), and he is a recipient of the Order of Thor Medal. Paul is a member of the IT Industrial Advisory Board (IAB) at Brigham Young University, serves as a CENTRIC (Centre of Excellence in Terrorism, Resilience, Intelligence & Organized Crime Research) Visiting Researcher at Sheffield Hallam University, UK, and is a Visiting Research Fellow at The Institute for National Security Studies, Tel Aviv University, Israel (INSS) - Cyber Security and Military & Strategic affairs Programs. He served as a Federal Director of Training and Education for Norman Data Defense Systems, and he also teaches Cyber Defense Strategies at George Washington University. Paul has more than 15 years of cyber security experience and has worked as the Chief Security Engineer for AT&T, where he designed and approved secure networks for MSS (Managed Security Services). Paul also worked for Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) and US Robotics as a security.

James is the executive director of the School of Criminal Justice & Public Administration, and the acting director of the recently formed Center for Cyber Security, both at Kean University of New Jersey. He has extensive education, training, and experience in the practical applications related to critical incident and crisis preparedness, planning, mitigation and response, and has presented and published in matters related to individual resiliency. James is a nationally recognized expert on the use of force by and against police, and has also published books as a coauthor and principal author on suicide by cop.

Last served as the Program Executive Officer for the U.S. Army's Program Executive Office, Command Control Communications-Tactical (PEO C3T), headquartered at Aberdeen Proving Ground, Md. Lee became the first female program executive officer for the Army in November 2009 when she became the PEO for C3T. Within one year of General Price’s tenure, PEO C3T was awarded the David Packard award, the Department of Defense acquisition community’s highest award. The dedicated PEO C3T team works by the Warfighter’s side in training and theater locations throughout the world. They acquire, sustain, and support the networked mission command solutions that bring technological dominance to present and future Warfighters. General Price was nominated by President Barack Obama to the grade of Major General on July 27, 2011. The Senate confirmed this nomination on Nov. 10, 2011. Price is a certified member of the Army Acquisition Corps. Price was promoted to Major General on March 2, 2012. In September 2013, General Price retired from military service.
Following liberal arts studies at Columbia University in New York, Jonathan Ratner emigrated to Israel, and completed his master’s degree in international finance at Boston University’s program in Be’er Sheva. In 1996 he taught in a multi-national educational program in Moscow, Russia, and upon his return to Israel he worked with Russian & Israeli engineers in founding and managing start-ups in clean coal technologies for American utilities and commercializing one of Israel’s top ten airport security devices. For more than a decade he managed the operations of hedge funds concentrated in the Homeland Security sector, and recently led a biometric cyber security company in Citi’s Tel Aviv Technology Accelerator program. He has vast experience in adult education, and unique international insights into Homeland Cyber Security.
Scott is a wireless technology and cybersecurity expert as well as the president and CEO of Berkeley Varitronics Systems, a 40-year-old provider of advanced wireless RF test and security solutions. He has overseen the development of numerous cellphone detection tools used to enforce a 'no cell phone policy’ in correctional, law enforcement, corporate, university, military, and secured government facilities.

Scott regularly appears on Bloomberg TV, Canadian TV News, and Arise TV as a cybersecurity expert with numerous appearances on Fox Business Channel, Fox News, Inside Edition, MSNBC, CNBC, CNN, PIX11, The Blaze, OAN, Al Jazerra, CCTV, The Peggy Smedley Show, X/M Sirius Radio, and Bloomberg Radio. He has presented as a subject expert discussing cybersecurity/corporate espionage at numerous conferences around the globe.
JD is responsible for providing guidance and awareness regarding Trend Micro’s entire security portfolio aimed at protecting both commercial and government ecosystems. Well-versed in enterprise and data center architecture, he has successfully implemented large-scale public, private, and hybrid clouds leveraging the latest in virtualization technologies. For the past decade, he has established himself as a trusted senior advisor and cloud security specialist for the protection of PCI (Payment Card Industry), HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act), and PPI (Personally Identifiable Information) data. He also has an extensive background in developing and bringing to market mobility platforms and applications. JD has spent the last 15 years in senior IT leadership roles.

Prior to Trend Micro, JD spent nearly seven years with publicly traded NIC /EGOV.com as vice president of technology where he was head of NIC’s (NASDAQ: EGOV) centralized technology and security strategy. While at NIC, he managed the technology platforms that processed more than $18 billion in payments on behalf of citizens, businesses, and governments. He also has held various leadership positions within Honeywell FM&T, which manufactures and assembles 85% of the non-nuclear components in nuclear weapons for the U.S. Dept. of Energy. JD has held Top Secret clearance and has an M.B.A/IT degree from Jones University and a B.S. degree from the University of Nebraska.
Brian Zaugg is an information security leader with more than 20 years experience designing, integrating, securing, and deploying enterprise technology solutions. Brian is currently the director of information security at Authentic8, Inc., a software-as-a-service startup company that secures Internet browsing for consumers and enterprises. Brian is studying for a PhD in Information Assurance and Information Security. Brian has an MBA in Global Management and an MS in Physics. Brian also holds several professional certifications, including his GSEC and CISSP (in renewal). Brian has worked with organizations across many industries, including telecommunications, bio-technology, education, and defense. Brian's diverse experiences enable him to provide an interesting perspective on the business and security challenges we face across the globe.

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