Current Issue: Oct/Nov 2014

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Cover story:
Are you really safe? Learn how to lock away your information from prying eyes.
Feature: Find out who made the CW 100 list and how they size up.
Feature: A look at some major changes in the industry that handles your money.
Feature: Car/home integration might be closer than you think.

Departments Only Available in Oct/Nov Print Edition:
Big Thinkers:
Managing security within the convergence of interconnected cyber physical and autonomous systems.
What You Gotta Know: The latest connected gadgets, news, and M2M shakeups.
In Focus: A device for tracking luggage and a platform for the connected car.
Look Who’s Talking: Newly appointed Lieutenant General James McLaughlin discusses cybersecurity.
Hands-On: Connected thermostat heats up in the home.
My Connected Life: Considering how M2M can change the world.
Flash Forward: A look at the future of pumpkin patches.

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  • CW_n27_Unplugged

M2M Goes to Pot in Colorado

On my second full day as a resident of Colorado, a friend invited me to join him on a tour of a large-scale medical cannabis grow an hour or so north of Denver. The acre-plus greenhouse was breathtaking, not only for its verdant rows of marijuana, some heavy with buds, but also for what lurked below.

  • CW_n27_ubloxAdvertorial

Paving the Way to the Internet of Things

It’s set to be the perfect combination for the IoT (Internet of Things): the rapid growth of high-speed cellular networks, short-range wireless communications such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, and the introduction of IPv6, which has enough IP addresses for every grain of sand on Earth.

  • CW_n27_Editorial

Who’s Next?

IT-data breaches are not new. But the recent high-profile data intrusions that have occurred as of late have certainly elevated the discussion.

  • CW_n27_SierraAdvertorial

Data Security: Top of Mind, Far from Paralyzing

When it comes to securing M2M devices and the data these devices send and receive, it’s up to members of the M2M value chain to be vigilant and proactive. It’s also up to M2M customers to be their own advocates when it comes to security.

  • CW_n27_LTECorner

Two Views: LTE As a Disruptor

With millions of M2M customers still on 2G networks, there is still a lot of discussion about what will happen to the AT&T customers when the carrier officially sunsets its 2G network by Jan. 1, 2017.