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Want to read about the latest IoT Innovations—and why they are selected? All this information is available only in the June/July issue of Connected World magazine.
Feature: Public safety leverages ‘Big IoT’. Find out how IoT solutions can prevent situations from becoming incidents.
Feature: Augmented reality and the IoT could usher in a new era for industrial companies.
Feature: Smart-sensor systems are the foundation for connected cities of tomorrow.

Departments Only Available in June/July Print and App Edition:
What You Gotta Know: The latest connected gadgets, news, and M2M shakeups.
In Focus: IoT helps keep the construction industry connected and enables garbage collection.
Look Who’s Talking: Jem Pagan provides his thoughts on CISOs and cybersecurity.
My Connected Life: Bringing a new device with a unique value proposition to market.
Flash Forward: Take a look at what’s coming for the electric grid of tomorrow.

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  • CW_n31_LTECorner

Two Views: LTE and a Smarter City?

LTE (long-term evolution) offers many advantages. The smart-grid/utilities market just happens to be one segment that is capitalizing on LTE’s low latency and high throughput making it almost the perfect global standard for many applications.
  • CW_n31_InternationalEye

The European “Internet of Things”

There is much media buzz about the IoT (Internet of Things), and here in Europe it is no different.
  • CW_n31_Security

Health Industry Needs A Cyber ‘Check Up’

Cyber hackers have taken their vitamins and are aiming at the healthcare sector in 2015. Anthem recently reported a breach where hackers accessed close to 80 million records (roughly 25% of Americans).
  • CW_n31_Altair

Where Smart Metering Is Headed – Markets, Opportunities, and LTE

Change is upon us. Nowhere is this truer than in the burgeoning industry of M2M connectivity.
  • CW_n31_Editorial

What Is the IoT?

Lately, it seems everybody is talking about the IoT (Internet of Things). Most companies recognize they aren’t hanging with the big boys unless they join the IoT community.
  • CW_n31_InANutshell

Generation Touch: Smart Toys for Tots

Toys for Tots is a longstanding program run by the Marine Corps Reserve that provides needy children with Christmas gifts. Marines get behind this program in a big way, and there have been millions of happy children on Christmas morning across the United States.
  • CW_n31_GuestColumn

NERC CIP v5: New Standards Aim to Secure Power Systems from Cyber Threats

For many years, the United States has led the world in the generation, transmission, and distribution of power.

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