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Cover story:
 Operating at top levels in IoT companies, we list the Women of M2M for 2015.
Feature: Insight, knowledge, innovation. These are just a few of the qualities found in this year’s Connected World Award winners.
Feature: Access to information and self-awareness is driving the need for a new standard in healthcare.

Departments Only Available in Apr/May Print Edition:
What You Gotta Know: The latest connected gadgets, news, and M2M shakeups.
In Focus: IoT helps you keep to a gluten-free diet and monitor your health from home.
Look Who’s Talking: David Ko, CEO and cofounder, Jide, and Jason Zheng, Intl. marketing manager, Jide, are looking to make the tablet a serious piece of equipment.
My Connected Life: Solar kiosks enable places like sub Saharan Africa to harness the relentless sun for energy.
Flash Forward: Patient care is altering the provider-care solution due to connected healthcare.

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  • CW_n30_InANutshell

M2M: It’s Why Your Smartphone Is Not a Useless Brick

Recently I was cleaning out a closet and found my old Motorola StarTAC cellphone. Introduced in 1996, it was the closest thing to a Star Trek Communicator that I would ever own.
  • CW_n30_LTECorner

Two Views: CAT 0 or CAT 1?

The M2M/IoT (Internet of Things) industry is still abuzz since carriers AT&T and Verizon Wireless announced they plan to sunset their 2G networks in favor of a more robust 4G/LTE network.
  • CW_n30_VodafoneQA

Healthcare Seeks Cure at Vodafone M2M

Will M2M alter the patient/doctor relationship? Andrew Morawski, Vodafone’s head of M2M in the Americas, says yes.
  • CW_n30_WoM2M

The Women of Tech Prevail

It’s been talked about for years: Women are underrepresented in technology positions. Women make up 48% of the U.S. workforce, but hold only 26% of the IT (information technology) positions, according to the most recent census data.
  • CW_n30_Unplugged

Why I Sleep Better at Night: IoT and Public Safety

As M2M communications has morphed into the IoT (Internet of Things), much of the attention has been focused on the consumer side of the business. From fitness trackers to smart homes to connected cars, products and services that ease our everyday lives have gathered most of the coverage and excitement.
  • CW_n30_CWA

And the Connected World Award Winners Are…

Dozens and dozens of entries are submitted every year from all over the globe telling the innovative stories of the companies that are using technologies to solve critical business challenges.
  • CW_n30_Security

The Malware Menace—Ransomware Goes Mobile

Malware is ‘malicious software’ used to disrupt normal computer operations, gather information, and even gain access to private computer systems.
  • CW_n30_Editorial

Making Your Mother Proud

There are days when I feel like writing and reporting on the IoT (Internet of Things) space or what started out more than a decade ago as M2M is like a season of Celebrity Apprentice. Every year there is this group of back-stabbing, feuding manipulators that just cause me to shake my head.
  • CW_n30_CraigMillerQA

Interview with Craig Miller, VP, Worldwide Marketing, Sequans Communications

Now that Sequans has introduced a Cat 1 LTE chipset platform, can you explain the importance of having a Category 1 solution for M2M and IoT device makers?
  • CW_n30_InternationalEye_Mercedes-BenzF015

Driverless Cars: The View from Europe

Autonomous vehicles or the “driverless car” will be the most revolutionary and disruptive technological advancement ever made in the automotive industry, or at least that’s what we are hearing from the car companies.

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