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Cover story:
Smartphones drive our cars, but what’s next? We find out in the Connected Car of the Year cover story.
Feature: Experts debate the issue of what’s the best method to get drivers focused on the task of driving when behind the wheel.
Feature: A look at the proliferation of standards and lack of interoperability and whether it is holding the smart home back.
Feature: Why aren’t companies taking the IoT seriously when it comes to security threats?
Feature: How are students and ethical hackers proving instrumental in securing the future of the connected car?

Departments Only Available in December Print Edition:
Big Thinkers:
Understanding how encryption keys work to ensure privacy and selective access to information.
What You Gotta Know: The latest connected gadgets, news, and M2M mergers.
In Focus: Biometrics and wearables collide.
Look Who’s Talking: Marc Eisenberg, CEO, Orbcomm spotlights the SkyWave acquisition.
My Connected Life: A unique solution using a spirometer from a start-up entrepreneur.
Flash Forward: Three key areas for the growth of wearables.

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  • CW_n29_LTECorner

Timing the Calliope LTE Platform

With the introduction of a category 1 LTE chipset solution targeting ultra low-cost and low-power applications including wearables and M2M, Sequans’ Calliope LTE Platform is addressing the market for highly-cost-sensitive devices that don’t require the high throughput of its Colibri solution.

  • CW_n29_InANutshell

How Do You Say “Social Networking” in M2M: Swarming

I particularly like one of the definitions for the word “swarm” that can be found in the Merriam Webster dictionary: “A large number of animate or inanimate things massed together and usually in motion.” Swarms of individual animals, such as birds, can attain incredible mass, involving thousands moving in lockstep with each other.

  • CW_n29_Unplugged

Not Your Father’s Platform

A new generation of platforms designed to support the forecasted massive growth of the IoT (Internet of Things) emerged this year, and these platforms shake up the traditional view of how M2M/IoT platforms operate. Just last month, in my December 2014 column, “M2M and Internet FAQs,” I described our industry’s time-worn strategy of abstracting device connectivity into device management and application enablement platforms.

  • CW_n29_Security

Where There Is a Data Breach—Cyber Hackers Will Exploit

Cyber breaches continually dominate the headlines with no end in sight. Target retail stores started the wave during peak holiday shopping in the end of the 2013.

  • CW_n29_Gemalto

Securing the Internet of Things

Each day, thousands of new devices are connected to the IoT (Internet of Things) including cars, home thermostats, smart meters, medical devices, and much more. These connected devices are transforming and improving our lives, and at the same time, opening potential access points for a variety of cyber security threats.

  • CW_n29_Altair

Altair Takes on M2M/IoT: Why LTE Is Future-Proof Technology

LTE continues to gain a stronger foothold in automotive, healthcare, wearables, energy, and the list goes on. As companies continue to prepare for the next big wave and the leading carriers look to sunset their legacy 2G and 3G networks for a more robust global standard, single-mode chipmakers and M2M/IoT providers are tapping into their devices.

  • CW_n29_Editorial

Are We Losing Control of Cybersecurity?

As a regular reader of my column you know that I have been talking about cybersecurity a lot during the past 18 months, and with reason. Sadly, corporate security breaches have reached an all-time high.


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