Current Issue: Oct/Nov 2015

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Feature: Disruptive thinking inspires Needham, Mass.-based PTC to new heights in the Internet of Things as CEO and President Jim Heppelmann and Co., explain how they are planning to take the Industrial IoT by storm.

Feature: Could bots be the next transformative technology that will take on human-like functions, but with greater precision, accuracy, and personal touch?

Feature: The 21st century industrial revolution: Companies can find growth in unexpected places if they’re willing to look.

Departments Only Available in Oct/Nov Print and App Edition:

What You Gotta Know: M2M and IoT trends and game-changing technologies.

In Focus: Reducing energy costs in areas such as education and army.

Look Who’s Talking: Erica Klampfl and Michelle Moody of Ford talk careers, families, and motivating future generations.

My Connected Life: Addressing the use of predictive maintenance technology when working with machines.

Flash Forward: Take a look at how the IoT is advancing human-like robots.

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  • CW_n33_Editorial

Magical Powers of Leadership

Recently I had the pleasure of sitting down with several members of the management team of PTC at its headquarters in Needham, Mass.
  • CW_n33_CW100

Digging into the CW 100 2016

What does it take to secure a top spot in the IoT (Internet of Things) ranking? This year you need to be electronic commerce and cloud computing giant Amazon.
  • CW_n33_Altair

Not All CAT-1 Chips Are Created Equal

Mary is pushing 90, ailing, forgetful, and yet fiercely independent to the point of stubbornness. She insists on living alone and continuing to have control over her day-to-day life.
  • CW_n33_Guest

Usage Data: The Secret Sauce for Monetizing the Internet of Things

With the rise of the IoT (Internet of Things), the era of truly BIG data is upon us. Buried in those endless data streams from billions of connected "things" is one type of data that’s essential to recurring revenue success—customer usage.
  • CW_n32_LTECorner

Two Views: LTE-M: LTE for Machine-Type-Communications

There seems to be a lot of discussion these days about—LTE-M. LTE-M means long-term evolution for machine-type-communications.
  • CW_n33_Security

Civilian Drones – Cybersecurity’s Newest Enemy

Civilian UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) or drones are used by hobbyists everyday for recreation and some useful purposes, too.
  • CW_n33_InANutshell

This Is Not Your Father’s Supply Chain Anymore

Previously, we described how the change in the way customers buy what they want from retailers had challenged fulfillment operations in distribution centers.

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