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Two Views: LTE for IoT

There seems to be a bit of controversy about LTE (long-term evolution). The debate focuses on LTE for the IoT (Internet of Things) regarding the coming Cat 0 technology that will appear in the next release of the 3GPP standard, Release 12.
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An Army of Inventors Will Rebuild Manufacturing

You’ve probably heard it or read it in articles before, but I am going to say it again; it’s time to build a more nimble product development pipeline. Oddly, years ago, even though we wouldn’t say it, many manufacturing executives and politicians would wince at the thought of what it would cost to retool existing factory lines.
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The IoT and Its Effect on Society

With regards to the IoT (Internet of Things), we are entering a critical period where major and disruptive changes in society will soon be upon us. One only has to look back at the development of the “Internet of People” to see how radically and rapidly it has changed society, access to information, and disrupted business models.
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The Supply Chain: Changing at the Speed of Technology

There has been a not so quiet revolution going on in an industry that affects every person in North America, and the long-term consequences for the employment of humans (vs. intelligent machines) in that industry are not rosy.
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Social Engineering – How Hackers Build the Puzzle One Piece at a Time…

We all have confidential information we keep secure, but all too often, we underestimate hackers. Hackers patiently steal information over time.