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Two Views: LTE and a Smarter City?

LTE (long-term evolution) offers many advantages. The smart-grid/utilities market just happens to be one segment that is capitalizing on LTE’s low latency and high throughput making it almost the perfect global standard for many applications.
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The European “Internet of Things”

There is much media buzz about the IoT (Internet of Things), and here in Europe it is no different.
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Health Industry Needs A Cyber ‘Check Up’

Cyber hackers have taken their vitamins and are aiming at the healthcare sector in 2015. Anthem recently reported a breach where hackers accessed close to 80 million records (roughly 25% of Americans).
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Where Smart Metering Is Headed – Markets, Opportunities, and LTE

Change is upon us. Nowhere is this truer than in the burgeoning industry of M2M connectivity.
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What Is the IoT?

Lately, it seems everybody is talking about the IoT (Internet of Things). Most companies recognize they aren’t hanging with the big boys unless they join the IoT community.