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LTE Corner: LTE for the New Wave of Devices

For the past several months this column has been dedicated to discussing LTE (long-term evolution).

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Big Data and the Internet of Secrets in the IoT

It’s an unremarkable autumn day here in the heart of Europe. Just a 30 minute train ride outside of the city, the landscape turns quickly to a dark green countryside.

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Automated Distribution Center: A Vision of the Robotic Future

Since the introduction of Scientific Management in the 1880s by Frederick Taylor, human labor in factories and other commercial venues such as distribution centers has been scrutinized with the objective of increasing the productivity of workers.

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The Essence of IoT – Connecting the Unconnected

In osmosis-like fashion, the IoT (Internet of Things), M2M, and smart-city movement have become so excitedly discussed in recent years that it has seeped from the tech labs, industry journals, and big tech boardrooms to where it’s impact is probably most hotly anticipated at the kitchen table, the staff canteen, and our public spaces.

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Cyber Thieves Enjoy Anonymity

The world is full of both honest and dishonest individuals. Many dishonest people never become criminals for the fear of getting caught.

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The IoT Manufacturing Enterprise

I am still proud to say that after all these years of writing I still get pretty charged up when I engage in conversations with my readers who confide in me about what keeps them up at night.