The Internet of Things. The Internet of Everything. Machines talking to machines. However you look at today’s technology landscape, there is no denying that connectivity and data are changing the world as we know it.

Enter Connected World magazine, the resource to turn to for both businesses and consumers looking to stay on the cutting edge. Growing from M2M magazine, when this technology had just begun to develop at the enterprise level, Connected World has become a horizontal, all-encompassing publication dedicated to providing its readers thorough coverage of everything M2M.

 Below, you will find lists of the best-of-the-best when it comes to M2M.


The CW 100 identifies the very best technology providers that can help create successful M2M solutions. This is the definitive list of the top companies that are demonstrating significant market traction and pursuing game-changing technologies in connectivity as determined by the editors of Connected World. Learn More


The Connected World Awards honor the companies that have successfully leveraged the IoT/M2M in order to solve a critical pain point within their business, all with quantifiable results. Particular emphasis is given to the process of combining multiple technologies, such as device, connectivity, hardware, radio modules, network service and provisioning, security applications or making devices secure, as well as application software and infrastructure, to create a winning solution; this is often referred to as the value chain. These awards also recognize the key pieces of the technology ecosystem that helped them develop their award-winning solution. These companies are honored as technology enablers.
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The Connected World ConnectED Awards honor individuals with an entrepreneurial spirit who have applied innovation and vision to successfully develop unique and successful connected devices. Individuals are evaluated on their initial vision for bringing product to market, the ways in which they successfully overcame market challenges, and the overall motivation for developing this device.
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CCOY_logo_noyearChosen by the editorial team at Connected World magazine, the Connected World magazine Connected Car of the Year awards vehicles at all price levels, ranging from the small to ultra-luxury, all with the idea of honoring the best-in-class that fit all driver’s budgets and demonstrate the right blend of technology. The winning connected cars combine the right mix of safety, convenience, and infotainment technology. Learn More


WOM2M_logoThe Women of M2M list is comprised of some of the most powerful women in the technology sector, and representing many of the largest, most innovative companies in the world. These women were selected because they each brought a unique lens to their respective companies that has helped push connected technologies forward. This listing is published annually in the Apr/May issue of Connected World magazine. Learn More


p10neers_logoThe Connected World Pioneers are exceptional individuals who possess the prescience and vision for applying M2M, the underlying technology for the connected world, in ways that not only give credence to what they are creating, but who raise the bar for every other individual who hopes to make an impact on this brand new world. Learn More