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IoT Can Expect to See More Wearables

There has been a lot of talk about wearable devices in recent years, but where exactly are these gadgets hiding?
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Driving Innovation with GPS Integration

New technology that transforms previously static GPS (global-positioning system) data into actionable information that triggers work orders within a maintenance and asset-management application is heralded in an announcement of a new strategic partnership between Maintenance Assistant, www.maintenanceassistant.com, and ZenduIT Corp., http://zenduit.com.
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BlackBerry Expands Cybersecurity Practices

As breaches become common alongside a developing IoT (Internet of Things), a well-known leader in security and software is joining the NCSA (Natl. Cyber Security Alliance), www.staysafeonline.org, as a means to increase and secure citizen data.
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IoT Gateway Starter Kit Released

ADLINK Technology, www.adlinktech.com, a global provider of cloud-based services, intelligent gateways, and embedded building blocks enabling the IoT (Internet of Things), has announced the release of its new intelligent IoT Gateway Starter Kit.
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Syncsort Improves on ZPSaver Suite

The ability for enterprises to efficiently collect, integrate, sort, and distribute data is key to taking advantage of today’s connected world.
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Samsung Prepares to Launch Mobile-Payment Solution

In the next few weeks, the mobile-payment space will further diversify. Samsung Electronics Co., www.samsung.com, recently unveiled the U.S. launch date for Samsung Pay, the company’s mobile-payment service, and it’s soon: September 28.
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Stream Technologies, Link Labs Partner for LPWAN

From smart cities and defense to smart agriculture and building automation, low-power wide-area networks for the IoT (Internet of Things) are delivering connectivity and realtime data to business and mission-critical situations.
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Boise Police Department Upgrades to LTE

When the Boise Police Dept., www.boisepolice.org, decided to upgrade its cruiser fleet’s legacy technology, it was because the system was outdated, expensive, and difficult to maintain.
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Drones and Gaming Intermix

The IoT (Internet of Things) world now has smartphone gaming drones, and a strategic partnership between OriginGPS, www.origingps.com, and TobyRich, www.tobyrich.com.
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ArcSoft Pumps up simplicam Security

One goal the entire IoT (Internet of Things) community shares is making sure security is where it needs to be so that end users are as protected as possible.