SmartBear Upgrades SwaggerHub

The value of having accessible API (application program interface) definitions in the OpenAPI Specification Format is becoming more apparent to developers and service providers


Intelligrated Upgrades Management Solutions

Intelligrated, www.intelligrated.com, a North American-based automated material handling solutions provider, has announced a CMMS (computerized maintenance management software), the Intelligrated Reliability Intelligence Solution (IRIS), meant to help operations avoid unplanned downtime and keep systems running efficiently.


3D Robotics Drones Leverage Autodesk Forge Platform

Capturing site data by hand can be costly, time consuming, and even dangerous, but employing drones to capture the data can change this reality.


AGGIOS Receives Funding for Innovation

In early March, the California Energy Commission, www.energy.ca.gov, approved $4.3 million in grants for projects that will increase the efficiency of natural gas technology used in industrial, agriculture, and water processes. One grant was awarded to AGGIOS, www.aggios.com, a provider of software-defined power management for IoT (Internet of Things) applications, in order to help reduce energy usage in set-top boxes, televisions, personal computers, and game consoles.


Verizon Expands ThingSpace in 2016

Verizon, www.verizon.com, recently made some announcements about its ThingSpace platform, which allows businesses to build, manage, and consume IoT (Internet of Things) applications.


Skyworks, Sequans Announce LTE Cat-M Solution

As the number of IoT (Internet of Things) shipments skyrockets, IoT developers are increasingly looking to LTE (long-term evolution) to meet their future connectivity needs.


IAR Systems, Renesas Integrate Tools

Platform solutions can offer simplified development and quick ROI (return on investment) for IoT (Internet of Things) and embedded applications.


U.K. Weighs Benefits of ‘Smart Power Revolution’

A new report from the U.K. government’s National Infrastructure Commission, www.gov.uk, suggests a “smart power revolution” could be game changing for the country.


New TSN Testbed Supports Innovation in IIoT

A new TSN (time-sensitive networking) testbed will help deliver a network infrastructure to support the future of the IIoT (industrial Internet of Things).


BMW Celebrates 100 Years with Vision for Future Mobility

On March 7, 2016, 100 years after BMW AG was entered into the commercial register, the BMW Group, www.bmw.com, began celebrating its centenary.