Connected Traveler to Get Boost at Airport

Concerns over passenger processing and security have a number of the top airports looking to make upgrades to accommodate travelers.

New Bluetooth-Enabled Data Security Solutions

From the financial sector to the enterprise, retail and e-commerce, government, and healthcare, everybody’s concerned about data security.

Zubie Fixes Vehicle Security Risk

Argus Cyber Security,, and Zubie, Inc.,, reported a security vulnerability was found by Argus in Zubie’s device, but has since resolved the safety issue.

VirtuMedix Expands Patient Outreach

With M2M, the healthcare industry is experiencing more virtual-health services.

Wearable Market Fueled by Designers

Growth opportunities will be abundant in the world of wearable devices, according to a new report.

Acquisition in Mobile Payments

The IoT (Internet of Things) is pervading many areas of consumers’ lives, including how they pay for goods and services. Having not yet achieved the kind of mainstream acceptance many believe it soon will...

Smart Light Bulbs Light Things Up

Could smart light bulbs be the IoT (Internet of Things) technology that puts smart-home solutions on the map for mainstream consumers?

Mobile Kicks Off Holiday Shopping

Just how much will mobile devices and technologies affect retail sales this holiday season? That’s the question both brick-and-mortar and online retailers are asking as the holiday shopping season begins.

Smart Cities to Grow, Face Challenges

Analysts have been predicting big growth of connected devices during the next few years, but while those numbers are expected to reach eye-opening proportions...

5G, Policy, and Wireless Innovation

At a recently held event organized in part by the WTA (Wireless Technology Assn.),, industry leaders came together to discuss...