Utility Launches CORE

Utility, www.utility.com, is making its way into the IoT (Internet of Things) industry with some key products and a newly announced partnership.

FreeWave Unveils Family of Networking Solutions

Want to be able to access connectivity in the most challenging environments?

Kids, Gamification, and Good Deeds

The “gamification” trend seems to prove that we’re all more motivated to do (insert whatever’s being tracked here) when we have a platform or device to help us quantify our actions.

Relevant, Contextual Data for Auto Dealers

One way for companies to maximize customer data is to leverage CRM (customer-relationship management) software, which delivers key insights.

Epicor to Acquire QuantiSense

Acquisitions can be a common occurrence in the world of big data. Don’t be surprised when yet another one takes place.

Major Acquisitions Increases Expansion

Companies are always on the lookout for ways to expand marketshare and increase revenue, and several businesses made key moves toward those goals by making some major acquisitions.

Telematics for Small Assets

Asset monitoring and telematics can provide a big value add for business.

An Influx of Devices for Work and Play

When it comes to connected devices, it can be difficult to draw a line between business and personal use.

New Forecast Analysis for Connected Car

With each passing year, in-vehicle connectivity becomes more of a must-have feature for consumers who want to have the latest and greatest technologies at their fingertips.

Making the Most of Big Data in the Enterprise

Today’s enterprise workflow is often characterized by vast amounts of data.