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KIOSK Develops Remote-Monitoring System

In today’s world, it’s not uncommon to have a kiosk terminal network unattended with important information sometimes left in a vulnerable state.

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Innovative RFID-Enabled Retail Solutions

What will it take to make brick-and-mortar stores as valuable to connected consumers as online stores? What will it take to make them more valuable? Perhaps IoT (Internet of Things) technology is the answer.

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Cisco to Acquire Jasper Technologies

The M2M/IoT (Internet of Things) space is changing—again—thanks to a sizable acquisition.

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Micro RFID Labels Solve Inventory Management Challenge

Thorofare, N.J,-based Checkpoint Systems Inc., www.checkpointsystems.com, a global supplier of merchandise availability solutions for the retail industry, unveiled its Micro RFID (radio-frequency identification) label for health, beauty, and cosmetics categories during the National Retail Federation Convention & EXPO in January.

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Grocery Stores Adopt Connected Solution

A Minnesota-based, family-owned grocery chain called Lunds & Byerly’s, www.LundsandByerlys.com, will leverage an SaaS (software-as-a-service) solution for food safety and checklist management across its 28 locations.

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Alliance to Optimize Retail Stores’ Performance

A new alliance will help technology innovators in the retail space harness the power of the digital information era throughout the entire supply chain.

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myDevices Announces Cayenne IoT Project Builder

Internet of Things solutions company myDevices, www.mydevices.com, has announced a new Raspberry Pi IoT solution for developers and makers.

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Plug-and-Play Privacy Solution

Privacy and security are two hot-button topics in an increasingly IoT (Internet of Things)-connected world.

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MultiTech Eases LoRa Testing for IIoT

Dedicated to designing, developing, and manufacturing communications equipment for the industrial IoT (Internet of Things), Multi-Tech Systems, www.multitech.com, has announced a device that can quickly develop and test LoRa end-point functionality.

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Global Alliance Targets Retail Supply Chain

The retail sector continues to become more tech-savvy with the help of IoT (Internet of Things), and a new alliance is bringing tech companies together to identify the benefits across the entire retail supply chain.