Game, Set, Smart Watch?

In the world of connected sports and fitness devices, runners seem to get all the attention. But now a new connected device looks to set the game for tennis...

Sierra Launches Next-Gen AirLink

For a while, it was difficult to escape the discussion about 4G LTE (long-term evolution) and its place in the realm of M2M (machine-to-machine) deployments.

Aspenta Extends Connectivity Across Borders

Travel—whether business or leisure—is part of life, and it should also be part of a connected life. However, roaming charges can drive up the costs...

Smart Thermostats Doubled in 2014

Smart-home devices and solutions may not yet be mainstream, but one element of every future smart home is gaining popularity among consumers.

Smart Glasses to Blossom in Enterprise

What does the news that came out earlier this month about Google Glass really mean for wearables in the enterprise space?

Study Finds mBanking on the Rise

In a study release today from CG (Carlisle & Gallagher Consulting Group),, 55% of Americans say mobile banking is a regular part of their everyday lives.

Secure NFC Tag for IoT

SecureRF,, a provider of security solutions for the IoT (Internet of Things), announced the availability of the LIME Tag NX01, a secure NFC (Near Field Communication) tag...

Optical Network to Soar

The optical network equipment market is looking bright. Increasing demand to interconnect data centers will help the ON (optical network) equipment market grow by 3% per year to reach $17-billion by 2019...

GM Unveils New Vehicles

One of the most exciting industries that continues to emerge and evolve is the connected car. For so many consumers who drive, who are driven, or who simply love cars, the technology...

Stationary Cycle Market Growing

The stationary cycle market is expected to see high growth due to growing health and fitness concerns among consumers.