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Sierra Launches New LTE Industrial Gateway

In the latest news from Sierra Wireless, www.sierrawireless.com, a provider of wireless connectivity for the IoT (Internet of Things), the company has announced the launch of a low-power LTE (long-term evolution) industrial gateway called the AirLink Raven RV50.
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Wind River Advances IoT with Cloud and OS

Wind River, www.windriver.com, grows its presence in the cloud and extends its OS (operating system) footprint for devices, gateways, and MCUs (microcontrollers).
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OmniVision Announces New Video Processor ASIC

OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) have a new video processing option for smart home and security applications—the OV788, an ultra-low power video compression chip with integrated synchronous dynamic random access memory (SDRAM).
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Wi-Fi Creates Higher Demand for MSOs

MSOs (multi-system operators) investing in carrier “Wi-Fi first” deployment strategies outside the home will be able to compete against MNOs (mobile network operators) for customers.
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LogMeIn Introduces Rescue In-App Support

LogMeIn, www.logmein.com, a provider of cloud-based solutions connecting people, companies, and products, is on a mission to support the IoT (Internet of Things) with its “Support of Things” initiative.
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LTE Strengthens in Connected-Car Market

Connected-car technology continues to expand with an update from Sequans Communications, www.sequans.com.
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Monitoring Solution Addresses Cloud Traffic Management

As more enterprises embrace multi-cloud strategies that encompass private, public, and hybrid clouds, IT is becoming more diverse.
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Too Lazy To Log Off

There’s no denying that we live in an age of technological Renaissance.
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Frontier, Ericsson Partner to Optimize Customer Experience

In a networked society, communications companies such as Frontier Communications, www.frontier.com, a provider of high-speed broadband, advanced voice products, satellite video, and personal online and data security solutions in suburban, small/medium town, and rural areas across the U.S., are looking for ways to improve customer experience, capture new revenues, and drive business efficiencies.
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A Home Brewed Meal

While there have been many advancements in cooking technology, one unique example is sous-vide cooking, where food is cooked in a sealed bag among controlled temperatures.