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Internet Devices Experience Higher Levels of Current

A new CAT 5e (category 5 enhanced) cable provides 88% power efficiency to yield energy savings of up to $78 and $46, respectively, throughout a 10-year period.
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Digital-Business Platform Automates the IoT

Customers can now turn monitoring into action with an update in Software AG’s, www.softwareag.com, digital-business platform. The predictive maintenance blueprint monitors all equipment performance aspects for field service automation and synergizes IoT (Internet of Things) functions.
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SanDisk Industrial Solution Suite Designed for IIoT

If estimates live up to expectations, the number of connected devices and “things” will by far outnumber humans in less than a decade as the IoT (Internet of Things) expands exponentially in sectors such as manufacturing and utilities.
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The Importance of Partners

Having good partners is essential to bringing an M2M/IoT (Internet of Things) product to market, and will be a topic of discussion next week on The Peggy Smedley Show, www.peggysmedleyshow.com, as it has three broadcasts at the Renesas Developers Conference, http://renesasdevcon.com/devcon2015/.
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Partnership for Spectrum

When tech companies and government partner, the outcome is typically improved products and services for industry. As one example, Federated Wireless, www.federatedwireless.com, and NASCTN (National Advanced Spectrum and Communications Test Network) recently partnered on a pilot to test an ESC (environmental sensor capability) for the company’s SAS (spectrum access system).
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Rental Company Improves Service with Mobile

A leading textile rental service and supply company is using touchscreen tablets for realtime, remote access to customer information. AmeriPride Services, www.ameripride.com, launches the C3 (Complete Customer Care) Mobile platform to give customer service managers more opportunities for customer support.
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Next-Gen API Management Set for Deployment

Customers gain unprecedented levels of availability and resiliency with a next-generation API (application-programming interface) platform. Akana, www.akana.com, offers multi-datacenter geographic distribution and scale in the platform’s launch.
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Weather Enterprise Partnership Goes for Global Connection

WDT (Weather Decision Technologies), www.wdtinc.com, now has access to patents from AccuWeather, www.accuweather.com, and can improve social networking opportunities and weather-triggered marketing applications.
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Vgo Helps Taxis Compete with Uber

A Sri Lanka-based design and technology company is now offering a cloud-based SaaS (software-as-a-service) logistics technology platform that could help taxi companies compete against Uber. The solution, called Vgo, is the product of Vesess, www.vgohq.com, and it offers a suite of mobile and Web apps that can be accessed via mobile device or desktop computer. The software platform allows clients, such as taxi and other transportation and logistics companies, to better manage their business operations.
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Satellite Technology Gets a Fast Update

A M2M connectivity specialist will integrate satellite technology into its subscription-based communications service. SIGFOX, www.sigfox.com, wirelessly connects IoT (Internet of Things) devices to the Internet and will integrate Eutelsat, www.eutelsat.com, satellite technology to enable data exchange at base stations.