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Remote Monitoring for Coffee Machines

Coffee machines can communicate with the help of a new M2M platform, adding these essential devices to the list of “things” connected by the Internet in an IoT (Internet of Things) world.
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More Consumers Want Tech in Homes

A new report has found there is an increasing demand for built-in home technology among buyers, for purposes ranging from entertainment to home security.
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ProFound Offers Fast Track to Digital Transformation

Two companies want to help businesses thrive in the so-called “digital economy”—expected to reach trillions of dollars in the next few years.
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Looking Beyond Perimeter Security

New research from Gemalto, www.gemalto.com, a digital-security solution provider, suggests global IT decisionmakers perceive their organizations’ perimeter security to be more effective than it really is.
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Cylon.js Helps Democratize IoT Development

What if IoT (Internet of Things) development was as simple as Web development?
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Quality and Performance Tools Key to IoT

For the IoT (Internet of Things) to reach its potential, the software and hardware enabling IoT solutions must represent the highest quality in terms of security, reliability, and usability.
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Investment Network Bets on Emerging Health Tech

Investment plays an important role in innovation by providing a financial springboard for success.
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Red Lion’s Graphite HMI Supports New Modules

Technology never stands still, and neither can solution providers that want to meet the needs of today’s connected society.
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Wind River and MathWorks Collaborate

Wind River, www.windriver.com, a world leader in delivering software for intelligent connected systems, is working with MathWorks to integrate Wind River Simics with Simulink for improved model-based design workflows.
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Freckle IoT Partners with Blue Bite

The iMotion IoT Edgeware Platform enables the IoT (Internet of Things) through data connectivity, management sensors, and other devices and continues to prove its stability, flexibility, and ease of use with more than a decade of enterprise installations in defense and commercial sectors.