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Keeping Tabs on Spot
Anyone who has owned a pet has probably encountered the im […]

Papago P3 Dashcam

A Dashing Dashcam
The Papago, fully loaded P3 Dashcam, is really something else […]

HISY Wireless Smartphone Camera Remote

Remote Selfies
Pictures are a great way to hold onto great memories, memories t […]

ColorTouch Thermostat

When you live in Chicago, one minute the weather outside is too hot, and the nex […]


Progressive Snapshot: Deal or No Deal?
Have you seen the fictional character Fl […]

Scanadu Scout

Whether the term “DIY” scintillates or sends waves of anxiety through your body, […]



Viiiiva from 4iiii Innovations is a heart-rate monitor that straps around your c […]

Sony SmartWatch 2

Sony got a jumpstart on the smartwatch market, releasing its first iteration of […]


Already popular among many consumers, Pebble has 85,000 ‘pebblers’ and counting. […]


Smarter Socks
True fashion is a head-to-toe endeavor—and yes, that includes y […]

SteelSeries H


At a $269.99 price point, the SteelSeries H Wireless Headset is by far the best […]


Wearable technology marries fashion and function. The EMBRACE+ connected bra […]

Misfit Shine


Some wearables go for function. Others go for fashion. The Misfit Shine stri […]

Mio Alpha

, ,

A strapless heart-rate monitor built for performance, Mio Alpha is a silicone wr […]

Jawbone UP

If knowledge is power, then Jawbone UP challenges you to get to know yourself. T […]

Samsung GALAXY Gear

The Samsung GALAXY Gear appears to be mixing efficiency with a certain “cool” fa […]

Garmin HUD

There is a product that can project my directions onto my window? Ok, that’s pre […]

Fitbit Flex


Wearable connected devices can help integrate fitness into the wearer’s daily li […]

Securus eResponder

Recently I was presented with the chance to test out a brand new product from Se […]

Philips Hue

No kidding, up and running in only a few minutes. After screwing in the bulbs an […]

eTrak GPS Tracking Device


It’s getting more and more difficult these days to distinguish between the diffe […]

Car Connection

Making the Car Connection
In order for technology to have an impact, it needs t […]

Samsung TecTiles

I must say I was excited when I first heard smart NFC (near-field communication) […]

Aetrex Navistar GPS Shoes


If you’ve ever been charged with the care of person with Alzheimer’s, dementia, […]

Direct Connect 911

The thought of a house fire can be terrifying, especially if you’re a caregiver. […]


You can’t be everywhere at once, but with all the connected devices and systems […]


For many senior citizens, the goal is to age in place for as long as possible. H […]

Garmin Swim/FINIS Swimsense Swimming Performance Monitor

Making Sense out of Swim Data
What would happen if you tried to take your favor […]

Magellan GPS Car Kit

In the debate between dedicated PNDs (personal navigation devices) and navigatio […]

Swingbyte Golf Swing Analyzer

The Swingbyte Golf Swing Analyzer is a product we cannot get back from one of ou […]

Kindle Fire HD

Building off the success of its Kindle Fire tablet, which made it to market just […]

Dropcam HD

Dropcam HD, a tiny Wi-Fi-connected video camera, lets you monitor your home, or […]

Nintendo Wii U

Nintendo’s next-gen Wii game console, Wii U, will do more than just play games. […]

Samsung LED 8000 Series Smart TVs

Ultra-clear, ultra-crisp picture. When it came down to selecting top gifts in TV […]

Garmin fenix


What makes Garmin’s latest fitness watch, the fenix, stand out this holiday seas […]

Nest Learning Thermostat

The next-generation Wi-Fi-connected Nest Learning Thermostat helps you work with […]


I’ve found a friend in a talking rabbit, but it isn’t 6-foot tall and its name i […]

Y-cam Eyeball

Rest at Ease
Don’t trust the pet sitter? Can’t relax until you know your baseba […]

MOTOACTV Golf Edition

Golf and Fitness Tracker
Next time you plan on playing a round of golf, bring M […]

GreenGoose Pet Starter Kit

A Sensor-y Life
When a company invites you to “live more playfully,” it’s a dif […]


Multitasking Photo Frame
chumby8, by chumby industries, is like a photo frame o […]

ZOMM Wireless Leash

Your Phone’s Little Helper
Are you forgetful? Do you wish you had a personal as […]


Like a Fine Wine
“Let me show you how this is done. First thing, hold the glass […]

PocketFinder GPS Pet Locator

Locate Your Loved Ones
I truly hate to admit this, but I am one of those dog pe […]


GPS Adventure Cam
The ContourGPS cam records full-HD 1080p video, plus features […]

Garmin Forerunner 610 GPS Fitness Monitor


Athletes don’t make excuses, and neither does the Garmin Forerunner 610 GPS Fitn […]

DT Cell Phone Signal Booster

Tired of dropped calls? Aren’t we all. Wilson Electronics offers the DT (Desktop […]

Sleek Cell Phone Signal Cradle Booster

In a society that requires connectivity, there’s little to no room for cellular […]

BackTrack Point>5

Back to Point ‘A’
Always find your way back, thanks to Bushnell’s BackTrack Poi […]

Samsung Portable Blu-ray Disc Player

Blu-Ray When You Want It
The ability to watch blockbuster movies from your own […]

inMotion Air

Music on Your Terms
Like listening to your digital music collection even while […]


Web DASH-Board
If you access the Internet on a daily basis, enjoy fresh Web con […]

Cobra iRadar Detection System

Smart Radar Detection
If you’re concerned about radar guns, speed cameras, and […]

itablet Thumb Keyboard

The Go-Anywhere Keyboard
Be prepared to interact digitally anyplace, anytime! T […]

Bushnell Hybrid Laser GPS

Serious GPS for Golfers
If there is a golfer in your life, or if you find yours […]

Logitech Squeezebox

Unchained Melody
Now you can listen to music anywhere in your home, no matter w […]

iBike Dash CC

Cycling Buddy
Take your bike ride to the next level with the iBike Dash Cycling […]

Wireless Complete Health Monitoring System

Three-Part Health
Healthcare could very well be the most exciting area when it […]


Connected Digital Frame
Mom likes to receive pictures of you and the grandkids; […]

Nike+ SportBand

Running Goes High-Tech with Nike+
Sure, technology can be frustrating. Remotes […]


The “gas stations” of the future will be sleek, stylish, and smart. WattStation […]

TomTom GO 740 TM Live

TomTom Helps You GO
If you like to stay slightly ahead of the technology curve […]


Catch the Exercise “Bugg”
Be forewarned: If you commit to using the BodyBugg, y […]

Roku HD

Rok(u) Your TV Experience
Streaming Internet movies and TV shows and surfing th […]

Eye-Fi Connect X2

Instant Photo Sharing
Digital cameras are cool. Spending time uploading and org […]

Garmin nuvi 3790T

A Slick GPS Unit for the Tech-Savvy Traveler
Will navigation apps for smartphon […]

Fitbit Tracker

Fitbit Tracker is essentially a small clip you can affix to your clothing or eve […]


Three Days with WHERE
Let’s say you are out of town for a couple of days or may […]

CEIVA Pro 80

Photo Sharing Made Simple
Okay I’ll admit it; I’m that girl. You know, that gir […]

Schlage LiNK

Schlage LiNK Provides Peace of Mind
Security, comfort, and convenience: The ave […]


Taking My Pills on Time
If you think about it, taking a pill shouldn’t be that […]

Universal A-GPS Locator

Zoombak: Ending the Argument on Speed
My wife’s driving is a topic of continued […]

Samsung SH100

Capturing memories is an important part of making memories. With the Samsung SH1 […]

BackTrack D-TOUR

Perfect for the outdoorsy type, Bushnell’s latest personal GPS device, the BackT […]


Entertain Your Little Genius
Are we there yet? If you’re traveling with kids, e […]


Prepare for next summer by gifting iGrill by iDevices Inc., a connected solution […]