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3D Robotics Drones Leverage Autodesk Forge Platform

Capturing site data by hand can be costly, time consuming, and even dangerous, but employing drones to capture the data can change this reality. Drone maker 3D Robotics,, has developed a new UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle)-to-cloud solution for enterprise field professionals within the construction, telecom, survey, mapping, energy, and infrastructure industries, that uses the Forge Platform from Autodesk,

The Forge platform includes a set of Autodesk cloud services, APIs (application programming interfaces), and SDKs (software development kits) for developers to create data, apps, experiences, and services for the IoT (Internet of Things). By leveraging the platform, 3D Robotics is helping field professionals perform inspections, surveys, and scans of work sites from its UAVs.

By doing so, customers can collect vital business information and make more informed decisions. Plus, Chris Anderson, CEO of 3D Robotics, says because drones can go where it’s inefficient or unsafe for field personnel to go, the solution makes it easier to “accurately measure our world so we can better manage it.”

After 3D Robotics’ SOLO drone captures site data, it processes the data in the cloud to be consumed by Autodesk software. From there, customers can access the data and apply to their business cases—from monitoring sites, measuring stock piles, and getting as-built context to survey and mapping.

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