5G offers numerous opportunities to industries, such as manufacturing, giving the ability to do predictive maintenance, remote machine monitoring, autonomous robots, mixed reality training, and spatial computing, among much more. In order to accelerate the use of 5G in manufacturing, two companies recently announced a new partnership.

AT&T is working with MxD (Manufacturing times Digital) to install 5G technology and MEC (multi-access edge compute) in MxD’s Chicago-based innovation center, which is focused on advancing manufacturing innovation.

Formerly known as the Digital Manufacturing Design Innovation Institute, MxD is a nonprofit that has an innovation center that offers its partners an environment to focus on developing, demonstrating, deploying, and commercializing innovations that address manufacturing’s challenges.

Through the partnership, AT&T will install 5G millimeter wave technology to cover parts of MxD’s 22,000-sq.ft., factory floor. Additionally, it will bring industry-related technologies, applications, and new collaborations to the research space to test manufacturing-related 5G use cases.

David Van Dorselaer, industry solutions GM for manufacturing, transportation, and CPG, AT&T Business, says this will offer many new opportunities for manufacturers.

Further, AT&T will test and showcase its MEC solution, which will enable MxD partners to be able to test manufacturing capabilities that use locally-processed data for faster processing and lower latency, while boosting security in cloud services.

This is another example of how companies are working together to further innovation in industries. The end result will be more applications to improve business processes in manufacturing in the future.

This comes on the heels of AT&T and its work with Samsung at the end of last year to lead the way by creating a manufacturing-focused 5G “Innovation Zone” in Austin, Texas. This innovation zone has been heavily focused on providing a real-world understanding of how the IoT (Internet of Things) coupled with 5G is impacting manufacturing processes, among others, and providing tangible insights for the plant floor.

Abhi Ingle, senior vice president distribution & channel marketing AT&T Business Services says creating an innovation zone allows the manufacturing industry to gain a greater understanding from 5G, especially when we are talking about “quality, efficiency, safety, and security.” He adds, “This is just the beginning for an industry quickly becoming highly automated via sensing, analyzing, and responding in realtime.”

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