Technology users are often skeptical of the cloud as it is still a fairly recent innovation and differs in comparison to traditional data services. Eurotech,, has created the Everyware Cloud 4.0 to simplify device and data management and establish a secure, reliable cloud platform.

Everyway Cloud 4.0 is a M2M and IoT (Internet of Things) integration platform that connects distributed devices over a secure cloud. Users are able to connect to, configure, and manage devices during deployment, maintenance, and decommissioning. The platform provides a realtime solution that integrates devices, sensors, and actuators with analytics and business applications.

Software developers can create realtime bidirectional interfaces between Everyware Cloud and enterprise applications with WebSocket programming support. The platform also provides secure remote device management to help manage IoT infrastructure and MQTT (MQ telemetry transport) for guaranteed message authenticity.

Version 4.0 gives customers short time to market, cost-effectiveness through pay-as-you-go, flexible deployment, future-proof capabilities, and asset management, as well as data, system, device, and IoT application enablement.

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