Of all the smart “things” that make up the IoT (Internet of Things), did you ever expect your mattress cover to be connected? A new solution now available for pre-order proves innovation in the M2M and IoT space has no bounds.

San Francisco-based startup company Luna, www.lunasleep.com, is leveraging technology to provide the data consumers need to achieve a good night’s sleep. Luna says its smart mattress cover slips over any bed to bring intelligence and temperature control to a mattress.

The device actually learns users’ sleep patterns and habits throughout time thanks to a built-in accelerometer that tracks sleep patterns and phases, a microphone that detects snoring, and sensors that measure heart rate and breathing. When paired with the free Luna companion app for iOS and Android, consumers can better understand their habits and make changes accordingly. Based on the data, the solution will also provide user-specific feedback and suggestions for improved sleep.

Luna’s open-source technology communicates with other IoT devices via Wi-Fi to create a more connected bedtime experience. For instance, the company says the smart mattress cover will integrate with third-party devices such as Nest Thermostat to automatically regulate bed temperature. The device also offers IFTTT (If This Then That) integration to automate lighting, smart door locks, connected speakers, or other systems in realtime by triggering custom actions.

Matteo Franceschetti, cofounder of Luna, says as homes get smarter, the bed is not. Enter Luna. “Since the beginning, we’ve been set on building Luna to integrate seamlessly into your life, as something you don’t have to activate, but that’s always there with you to promote a healthier, more productive lifestyle,” he says. The machine-washable cover is now available for pre-order in king and queen sizes starting at $179.

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