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A ‘Swiss Army Knife’ for IoT

The IoT (Internet of Things) is a powerful force for change in both the consumer and enterprise realm. According to one IoT company, the widespread growth of the IoT has created an unprecedented need for common standards that allow devices to be compatible—a stance many others in the industry have also taken.

nomos system,, a provider of an IoT automation software platform, wants to be the “Swiss army knife” of automation. The company says its universal automation-software engine can control any device regardless of communication protocols, standards, or proprietary software.

To do this, nomos system “elevates” software and hardware to a single communication layer, thereby reducing the problems creating by multiple protocols and allowing devices to connect regardless of platform. The company recently announced three products it says will lower the barriers companies and OEMs (original-equipment manufacturers) face when entering the IoT market.

nomos now offers an out-of-the-box automation solution for OEMs that provides a fully integrated automation system with room for corporate personalization; a flexible IoT development platform that leverages the nomos multi-protocol gateway and gives users the tools to build their own automation product or products; and a single or bulk-license system integrator tool.

By helping companies cut through the confusion when it comes to connecting devices from multiple platforms, those in the industry who are pushing for common standards in IoT are helping the space achieve its remarkable potential.

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