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Analytics Draws More Data, Allows Realtime Capabilities

Two breakthrough software capabilities in the IoT (Internet of Things) allow businesses to uncover and operationalize hidden data insights. The Teradata,, Listener and Teradata Aster Analytics on Hadoop make it possible to listen in realtime and use analytics to see patterns in massive streams of data.

Machine learning algorithms have not focused on maximizing value from data because data extraction has been extremely difficult. Teradata’s software capabilities eliminate this complexity and provide organizations new methods to leverage data.

Teradata Listener is a self-service software with realtime listening that follows multiple streams of sensor and data, propagating the data into various platforms in an analytical ecosystem. Teradata Aster Analytics on Hadoop then analyzes at scale the propagated data.

With new capabilities, Teradata is able to run analytics on data to uncover insights that help global field service personnel improve machine up-time and extend maintenance windows. Advanced analytics offer insights and improve quality and manufacturing efficiency for next-gen products.

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