And the Connected World Award Winners Are…

Apr/May 2014

Audi, Lowe’s, Rand McNally, First Alarm, and Delphi Automotive. These are just a few of the innovative companies considered technology leaders in their field. That’s right. The Connected World Awards have come and gone and oh what a night. It was a magical evening for the 29 companies that took home gold and silver awards. This was the first time in the awards 10-year history that the judges did not honor any company with a bronze award. It was only the smallest of margins that separated the silver and gold winners as they stepped up to the podium waiting in anticipation wondering would they even be honored at all.

The competition proved to be the most competitive, (previously it was known as the M2M Value Chain Awards) as the magazine received an unprecedented number of entries. While it might have been the fiercest it was certainly the most impressive breadth and depth of solutions and vertical applications.

Winners were chosen based on innovation, competitive advantage, and value to the markets they serve. By pushing connectivity to its limits, all of these firms have been able to quantify the value of their technology. Being able to calculate the ROI (return-on-investment) of technology is a big requirement for any company especially considering today’s economic climate. Achieving significant ROI is no small feat, and in many instances, is what separates a good company from an award-winning company.

All of these winning companies had a little bit of help from their technology software and hardware providers. In many cases, the vendors contributed to the software implementation and network connectivity, and many providers continue to play an enabling role—especially with more firms putting technology in the cloud.

Winners were announced during an awards celebration in mid-February in Chicago. As the market continues to grow we have seen a number of applications that prove M2M is a burgeoning market. Our congratulations once again go out to all of this year’s winners.

Building Automation


Cellular Machines


Austin, Texas

RacoWireless, T-Mobile US

The contents of a food storage freezer can exceed $25,000 and if city power fails, or the door is left open, and the contents defrost, they must be destroyed. Cellular Machines designs and manufactures autonomous monitoring units that continually check temperature, humidity, door position, pressure, pH, flow, and other vital conditions.

Building Automation


EnTouch Controls


Richardson, Texas

RacoWireless, Telit Wireless Solutions

EnTouch Controls works to enable a data driven analytic approach to managing facility infrastructure, typically lowering energy bills by 20%. In addition, the remote analytics enable quick detection and resolution of equipment failure, reducing impact on facility temperatures (and customer satisfaction) and quickly reacting to refrigeration problems and avoiding food spoilage costs.

Connected Car




Ingolstadt, Bavaria, Germany

AT&T, Gemalto NV, RacoWireless

Audi has equipped its cars with 4G LTE network access, producing a truly connected car, offering high-speed, low latency connectivity, and a suite of advanced services and features that enhance the mobile lifestyle. Users can enjoy simultaneous voice and high bandwidth data services allowing one passenger to participate in a videoconference while another watches a video.

Connected Home




Cambridge, Mass.

Jazz Wireless Data, Telit Wireless Solutions, T-Mobile US

SimpliSafe believes a home security system shouldn’t have disruptive and costly installation. By connecting various wireless technologies, they provide an easy-to-install and flexible system that can add entry sensors or motion sensors as needed. The system can be enhanced with smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors and others sensors that communicate wirelessly back to an emergency central station.

Concrete Management Systems




West Chester, Ohio


Before Verifi came along, concrete producers had no way to know what was happening inside the truck on the way to the jobsite. Its system adds visibility and control by measuring, managing, and recording concrete properties in the truck. Sensors and controls measure concrete slump and temperature, then add water and chemical additives to maintain the properties of the concrete within specification.



JV Driver Projects


Alta., Canada

Intelliwave Technologies

JV Driver Projects developed planning software with RFID sensor technology to enable the successful installation of more than 200,000 linear feet of oil pipeline. This project is the first major scale industrial project integrating sensor technology to automate status visualization updates in a 3D model.

Consumer Electronics


FiLIP Technologies


New York, N.Y.

AT&T, Connected Development, Redpine Signals, Telit Wireless Solutions

FiLIP Technologies offers the benefits of a mobile phone and a GPS tracker in a colorful, wearable children’s product that puts parents in control via a smartphone app. It uses cell-tower location and Wi-Fi triangulation to supplement the GPS data to more accurately pinpoint location in areas where GPS is limited. Additionally, the cellular technology enables parents and children to communicate using two-way voice.





Toronto, Canada

Clear Blue Technologies, KORE Wireless Group

Tridel offers off-the-electric-grid street lights powered by solar panels and a wind turbine that provides realtime connectivity to remote-management software for monitoring and control from a PC, tablet, or smartphone. This smart lighting offers independence from the costs of the local electrical grid and eliminates the cost of bringing electrical power to light poles along with monthly utility bills.





Springfield, Ill.

Mesh Systems, Novatel Wireless, Verizon Wireless

Intermatic created a timed switch that enables outdoor billboard companies to operate their signs from anywhere. The switch features remote cellular connection, power status, and load monitoring plus seven-day scheduling. With this M2M solution there is no need for manual checks of the billboards on a weekly basis to see if the lights are on.





Toronto, Ont.

Verizon Wireless

IDEAL LIFE helped Verizon Wireless launch a program to help physicians manage patients’ health between doctor visits. A Bluetooth-enabled wireless gateway automatically pairs with various medical monitoring devices, allowing for quick and easy communication of health readings. This use of M2M technology improves overall healthcare while reducing healthcare costs for patients, caregivers, and physicians.





Minnesota, Minn.

2-Track Solutions, CalAmp

Graco developed a mobile management system for the construction and industrial spraying industries that connects industrial sprayers with central operations for better monitoring of this specialized asset and associated materials. From remote field location to company operations center, they developed a seamless data communications loop that captured data on sprayer activity.





Mooresville, N.C.

Lowe’s created a low-cost hub that links devices in the home to a cloud platform so multiple wireless sensors and compatible products can be connected. The platform allows the user to monitor and control these devices and delivers services to consumers through the Web and smartphones with an app. Eventually, everything from a dog door to an electric vehicle charger may be linked.

Safety and Prevention


Kings III Emergency Communications SoloProtect Division


Coppell, Texas

Gemalto NV, RacoWireless

The Kings III Emergency Communications SoloProtect Divison developed a badge that uses multiple modes of technology, including GPS, data, SMS, and voice, along with a camera option to make lone workers safer. Now when employees are forced to work alone they have the security that if they need assistance, it is just a button push away.





Cranford, N.J.

Jazz Wireless Data, T-Mobile US

By integrating cellular technology into a handheld unit, GuardTrax automates the logging required for security personnel. It provides realtime GPS-position monitoring via wireless connectivity to determine the positions of the security officer throughout the day. This is useful in confirming that the officer is patrolling all parts of the property where he is assigned.



BrickHouse Security


New York, N.Y.

Micron Electronics, RacoWireless

BrickHouse Security developed a device smaller than a cellphone that provides more reliable GPS tracking with a long battery life specifically designed to address the needs of small business owners, parents, and anyone who needs to keep track of what they value most. It has a one-minute location update sequence and provides three times the accuracy of previous models.





St. Louis, Mo.

AT&T, Multi-Tech Systems, Verizon Wireless

Aclara teamed up with a supplier that pre-qualifies its components, eliminating the serial certification process with the cellular technology providers. A typical certification and deployment averaged three-four months per carrier, now this is reduced to less than half that time.



Trident Network


Frisco, Texas

ClearConnex, Sierra Wireless, T-Mobile US

Trident Network developed a network that enables commercial and industrial companies to manage water, gas, and electric consumption through the use of technology and data collection services. Installing its system and monitoring the usage of energy resources helps companies raise their financial and operational efficiency and can help developers achieve LEED certification goals.

Car Sharing


Metavera Solutions


Toronto, Ont., Canada

Jazz Wireless Data, Telit Wireless Solutions, T-Mobile US

Metavera Solutions uses M2M technology to allow unattended car sharing by integrating in-vehicle technology that delivers realtime data about vehicle usage, location, and status, while securely controlling access and use of these vehicles to card-holding members. M2M technology is also used to remotely assist customers if they have lost or misplaced their access card.

Fleet Management


Rand McNally


Skokie, Ill.

Aeris Communications, Novatel Wireless

Through a truck’s on-board computer, Rand McNally‘s system is able to obtain a variety of diagnostic information such as number of gallons of fuel consumed, miles per gallon, when the truck is idling, driving habits and driver safety information, and any fault codes triggered by the engine indicating there is something mechanically wrong with the truck.





Vista, Calif.


Directed has an application that allows remote starting of vehicles from any location, and performs a variety of other functions such as lock or unlock doors, open the trunk, and cool or heat the vehicle interior. Just a push of a button initiates the action from anywhere, freeing consumers up from key fobs or other limited-range activation devices.



First Alarm


Aptos, Calif.

Davis Instruments, RacoWireless

First Alarm combined GPS and safety application into one realtime technology by using a miniature computer with built-in GPS and the cellular network to transmit realtime data from the vehicle’s OBD-II (on-board-data port). The data is then cloud-based, so the fleet performance can be monitored and accessed in any of the company’s office locations or remotely.



Tag N Go


Colorado Springs, Colo.

CalAmp, Verizon Wireless

Tag N Go calculates a driving score for every car trip, and provides detailed information on where and how to improve driving safety. Engaging social media tools, realtime location tracking, and the ability to analyze past trips, makes it more useful. The system even shares live trips with the driver’s family and friends via email, Facebook, or Twitter.

Location-Based Services


County Connection


Concord, Calif.

Clever Devices, Source, Sprint

With 125 buses currently carrying more than 3.2 million passengers a year, County Connection uses M2M to allow a rider to select their bus route and see when the next bus will arrive. Riders can also see realtime bus locations on a map and receive arrival and service alerts via text message.



City of San Carlos


San Carlos, Calif.


The City of San Carlos, Calif., uses embedded wireless sensors in the pavement of parking spaces to detect the presence of a vehicle. Smart routers link with the sensors to collect data and communicate with a cloud-based data center. Motorists can access the data through a mobile guidance application that displays the realtime on-street parking space information in a clickable map.

Remote Diagnostics


Innovative Global Systems


Rock Hill, S.C.

Connected Development

Innovative Global Systems has developed a tool that incorporates short range wireless to communicate with devices embedded within a truck’s tires to perform accurate pressure measurements while a NFC (near-field communications) reader reads tags attached to tires for inventory and proper pressure information.

Remote Diagnostics


Delphi Automotive


Troy, Mich.

Verizon Wireless

Delphi Automotive developed a device that allows car owners to remotely control, monitor, and track their vehicle in realtime via a smartphone, tablet, or computer. It’s a small plug-in device that is compatible with more than 99% of the vehicles sold since the 1996 model year. Vehicle data is automatically updated without the driver having to do anything.

Remote Diagnostics


Detroit – A Daimler Group Brand


Detroit, Mich.

AT&T, Zonar Systems

Detroit – A Daimler Group Brand provides customers with realtime engine diagnosis by using the recorded log file and the engine fault code to determine actual diagnosis. Data from the vehicle including fault codes, fuel use, odometer, GPS location, vehicle speeds, and onboard events allows diagnosis of trouble instantly, locates repair facilities with parts available, and schedule service as the customer arrives.

Remote Monitoring




Jyväskylä, Finland

Davis Instruments, RacoWireless

Remote-monitoring technology from Finnish company Vapo at peat farms provides Web-based weather reporting and information access away from the farm. Realtime alerts sent directly to peat farm managers and the transportation system save the companies money; they are able to adjust harvesting and transport schedules based on current wind and rain data before personnel has been deployed.

Remote Monitoring


Joy Global


Warrendale, Pa.


Joy Global is collecting data from approximately 1,000 pieces of mining equipment machines with output of 1,000 realtime data points collected at sub-second intervals. They can capture field-level data that was once unavailable, providing greater visibility into the complex coal mining processes.

ConnectED Award Winner


Co-Founders Ed Hemphill and Travis McCollum


Austin, Texas

WigWag and its founders earned the ConnectED Award for their approach to making automation easier for everyone through a unified, common, open software infrastructure, and by providing smart devices and sensors that enable people to make the world around them more dynamic and intelligent.

To read more about the 2014 Connected World Award winners, please pick up a copy of the April/May 2014 issue of Connected World magazine in print or by downloading the app. Just search for Connected World in the iTunes Store or in Google Play.

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