October: Ethics and Artificial Intelligence

AI (artificial intelligence) is a collection of technologies that can enable a system to sense, comprehend, act, and learn. These technologies are empowering professionals to better make sense of the vast amounts of digital data that are collected by modern information systems.

September: AI Is Changing Industries And Society

As robots become cheaper and more capable, they’re moving from their traditional roles on factory floors into new industries. Collaborative robots or “cobots” too are being integrated into more types of environments and performing more varied tasks—from stocking shelves and assisting factory workers to performing services in the home.

July: AI Is Both Friend and Foe in Cybersecurity

Artificial intelligence can out-poker-face the best human poker players in the world; it has the potential to revolutionize surgery by allowing surgeons to do their work remotely, and it may help scientists predict the probability of life on other planets.

The Cost of Cyber (Ouch)!

With an increase in the amount of advanced technology being used by the trades—everything from wearables to drones to automated equipment—the construction industry is beginning to recognize the risks involved in a connected world.

The Future of AV Hinges on More Than Tech

Autonomous vehicles will fail to reach their full potential until ubiquitous and extremely reliable high-speed communications networks with very low latency are available.

Is 5G Ready for Primetime?

Understanding and deploying the right technologies at the right time is pivotal to being successful in business today. From AI (artificial intelligence) and automation to line of business applications, there is no shortage of technologies that could have a profound, positive impact on an organization.

Cybersecurity Begins at the Beginning

Last month, security was in the news again, and not in a good way. On September 12, interactive gaming company Zynga, which owns popular mobile gaming franchises like Words With Friends and Draw Something, announced hackers had gained access to player login account information.

PTC and Onshape Lead SaaS

In what will be the biggest acquisition to date for PTC, President and CEO Jim Heppelmann announced the company has signed an agreement to acquire Onshape, which creates a SaaS (software-as-a-service) product development platform combining CAD (computer-aided design) with data management and collaboration.

Manufacturers Aren’t Maximizing IIoT Investments

The IoT (Internet of Things) is and has always been rife with growing pains. A 2017 Cisco survey of IT and business decisionmakers in manufacturing, government, retail, energy, transportation, and healthcare showed that 60% of IoT initiatives stalled at the proof-of-concept stage.