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Curbing Aggressive Driving

Is aggressive driving on the rise? New research says yes, and some research—and a unique patent—could help us to address this problem on our roads.

Ransomware Wreaks Havoc and Poses National Security Risk

During the 4th of July holiday weekend in the United States, fireworks weren’t the only things sending sparks throughout America and globally. IT (information technology) and security-management solution provider Kaseya became the latest victim of a ransomware attack that affected up to 1,500 businesses. Attackers (who may be linked to REvil) demanded a hefty ransom in bitcoin, per usual, and the question is, how can businesses, governments, and other organizations shore up their defenses against these unnamed, greedy criminals who plan and carry out ransomware attacks?

2021 Women of Technology: Rising after the Storm

The COVID-19 pandemic has reshaped our workforce—in many ways. For one, we have seen women leave the workforce in droves, with some experts suggesting it could be one of the steepest declines in history. Still, this goes deeper than the pandemic. This is only part of a perfect storm that has been brewing in the labor force.

A Supply Chain for a Circular Economy

A circular economy enables us to restore natural ecosystems while still accelerating business and financial objectives. With 90% of CEOs seeing sustainability as important to success and 66% of consumers paying more for sustainable brands, the circular economy might be closer than we think—and it often starts in the supply chain.

Intel, IBM Focus on 5G, Edge, Hybrid Cloud at MWC

This year’s MWC (Mobile World Congress) in Barcelona was an exciting event for several reasons—perhaps most of all because it was a hybrid event that people physically attended. After the COVID-19 pandemic forced events to go virtual for more than a year, MWC 2021 was a sign that society is heading back toward normal. The hybrid format may also reflect a new trend in how companies and organizations handle tech events going forward. Themes from the event included all things 5G, as well as IoT (Internet of Things), AI (artificial intelligence), and edge computing and hybrid cloud. While there were hundreds of announcements at the 2021 event, this roundup focuses on two companies in particular: Intel and IBM.

Return to Office 2021: Made Possible By IoT

Even as more businesses have begun requiring their employees to return to the office, there remains considerable anxiety and apprehension within the workforce. A recent Honeywell survey, aimed at assessing the global workforce’s sentiments on returning to the office, revealed 68% of them still do not feel completely safe about returning.

Sustainable, Resilient Cities

We need sustainable and resilient cities—we need the technology and intelligence to enable them. But we also need to be thinking about building cities with materials that can be reused. Let’s look at what this really means for the planet.

Innovation in the Advanced Air Mobility Space

Autonomous vehicles aren’t the only transportation machines ousting humans as drivers in favor of AI (artificial intelligence)-enabled computers. Unmanned aircraft systems and UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) operate with various degrees of autonomy, varying from remote human control to total autonomy thanks to onboard computers. The potential use cases for these devices seem limitless—from national defense and emergency response to remote inspection of critical infrastructure and beyond. NASA is even leveraging this technology for space exploration, sending the drone-like Dragonfly rotocraft lander to Titan, Saturn’s largest moon, in 2026.

Using PKI to Connect Chromebooks for Zero Trust Security

When the pandemic hit, many organizations responded to mandatory office closures and employee relocation by outfitting those who used desktop computers “on the network” with laptops and Chromebooks. The latter’s shipments have more than doubled year-over-year, and now many of these Chromebooks are returning to the office. The challenge is how to make them fit in with a Zero Trust model that assumes all users and devices are untrustworthy and must be authenticated.

Innovation, Competition, and Manufacturing

Is the U.S. Innovation and Competition Act too little too late? Is the push by President Joe Biden’s administration to “Buy American” enough to revitalize America’s manufacturing industry? Are these initiatives from Washington enough to essentially change our culture in America and in manufacturing? I sure do hope so, but I am not so sure.

A Ransomware Crisis

Feeling lucky? Just 16% of organizations have reported no security incidents related to phishing or ransomware in the last year. Luck is not a security strategy, and it’s why the vast majority of companies are under attack. Too often, they’re not prepared with the proper security stack to block and stop these attacks. The result? Employees, data, and companies are at risk.

ESG: What’s Next

Peggy and Anne Munaretto, senior manager of climate change and sustainability services, Ernst & Young, discuss sustainability and ESG (environmental, social, and governance). Munaretto says ESG is an umbrella term—and they all are nonfinancial issues but do in time drive financial value for an organization. They also discuss the key drivers for how we get people to rethink being a make-take-waste society and how the younger generation fits into the equation.

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