5G: Vision 2020 Roughly a year ago, the Wireless Broadband Alliance, www.wballiance.com, announced its Vision 2020 program, which moves away from a specific focus on Wi-Fi and toward a broader platform based around many unlicensed spectrum bands and technologies. The organization says this will play a role in pushing the boundaries of wireless experience and business cases. This will eventually lead to 5G. As part of this initiative, the organization recently released a new report that focuses on the unlicensed road to 5G. The report shows the unlicensed spectrum technologies have come a long way from being the “disruptive younger sibling” of the licensed-based networks. It looks beyond unlicensed spectrum on its own, and toward the rising levels of convergence with licensed technologies. This will enable new performance and flexibility for service providers. The Wireless Broadband Alliance addresses the convergence and coexistence driving next-generation wireless, key developments in the Wi-Fi platform and ecosystem, business models enabled by heterogeneity, and the road toward the 5G future. According to the report, the end result will be a flexible, radio-neutral 5G environment in which a whole new generation of business models will be able to thrive in unlicensed, as well as licensed spectrum.
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