New solutions shape the market You have likely heard the analyst predictions about the billions of the devices that are going to be here as soon as 2050. However, all this growth can only be measured by the unique products and solutions that are delivered to the market. This is one of the reasons why the Connected World IoT Innovations was born—to honor the most creative IoT (Internet of Things) solutions that are helping businesses and consumers save costs and time. This includes companies that invest in solutions for construction, healthcare, agriculture, automotive, connected home, smart cities, and so much more. These innovators are introducing new solutions that are creating market momentum, and they are honored as a part of this list. In November, Connected World received a mix of business and consumers products that are changing the IoT industry or just simply the way we all conduct in our everyday lives. These products are setting a trend or changing a technology landscape for the way we track, monitor, and analyze data to make decisions. Industry vendors submit product nominations for their newest, most creative, and technologically advanced products, services, and platforms. An editorial panel of judges was convened representing
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