IoT Innovations 2016, Part II

IoT Innovations 2016, Part II

New solutions shape the market

You have likely heard the analyst predictions about the billions of the devices that are going to be here as soon as 2050. However, all this growth can only be measured by the unique products and solutions that are delivered to the market.

This is one of the reasons why the Connected World IoT Innovations was born—to honor the most creative IoT (Internet of Things) solutions that are helping businesses and consumers save costs and time. This includes companies that invest in solutions for construction, healthcare, agriculture, automotive, connected home, smart cities, and so much more. These innovators are introducing new solutions that are creating market momentum, and they are honored as a part of this list.

In November, Connected World received a mix of business and consumers products that are changing the IoT industry or just simply the way we all conduct in our everyday lives. These products are setting a trend or changing a technology landscape for the way we track, monitor, and analyze data to make decisions.

Industry vendors submit product nominations for their newest, most creative, and technologically advanced products, services, and platforms. An editorial panel of judges was convened representing a cross-section of the industry to evaluate the entries and choose the 3 winners featured on this list.

As a result, those that appear on this list have earned the accolades of the Connected World editors. Not every company can be an IoT Innovations winner. It takes dedication and commitment.

It is our mission to honor and recognize all those that have found it within themselves to develop a solution, application, or gadget that will change the IoT industry forever. Help us congratulate this batch of IoT Innovations winners.




Product: AMS ARES Platform

Company: Emerson

Cost: Scales according to system size


man-mobile-phone-hammock_3inx3in_hiresEmerson’s AMS ARES Platform collects asset data from field-based wired and wireless sensing technologies and delivers the information to the relevant person. It uses modern communication tools to provide alerts to both traditional desktop PCs and laptops, as well as tablets and smartphones.

What makes this product so unique is the ability to collect data from various sources of data including control systems and asset-monitoring solutions. This offers a holistic view of asset health. Additionally, plan personnel no longer have to go find the data that’s important to them. Instead, the platform informs them when a particular asset needs attention.

AMS ARES Platform also features a flexible installation architecture, which allows for installation at multiple levels of the network. This enables the lower levels of the network to remain secure, while allowing Internet connectivity to the platform for feeding information to the Asset View mobile application or for remote-asset monitoring.

“Security is so important these days, and Emerson’s AMS ARES Platform features a flexible installation architecture. This enables the lower levels of the network to remain secure. The combined focus on security, as well as the ability to collect data from various sources help this product stand out.” —Peggy Smedley




Product: POPS

Company: Orange

Cost: Depends on the field


POPS is a white-label connectivity device that can be adapted or used off-the-shelf by Orange partners to create connected wearables quickly and at a reduced cost. It combines technology with fashion to create clothing and accessory ranges with remote communication capabilities.

POPS includes a small mobile device with a GSM module, SIMcard, GPS, an accelerometer, BLE, a screen, two buttons, and a battery. It also includes a platform that retrieves data from the module to build new value-added services to the customer of Orange’s partner.

What makes this product so unique is the fact that it is modular and can be incorporated into all sorts of items, including bracelets, clips, collars, and trousers. The concept is to be able to help businesses develop wearables that accelerate their time-to-market process. The all-in-one solution ensures a quick response that is adaptable to business needs.

“What makes POPS By Orange so unique is the intelligent link between the module and the service platform. This enables Orange to build better service for its partners, and ultimately the customer.” —Peggy Smedley




Product: SkySpark Everywhere

Company: SkyFoundry LLC

Cost: Sold based on capacity


SkySpark Everywhere offers a data informatics architecture, which provides the engineering community with a platform that is designed to collect, store, management, analyze, and present data from equipment systems of all types. New features and pricing options enable the platform to be used in small low-cost gateways, controllers, and data-collection devices that can be located at the “edge” to capture data and perform analytics.

This product address one of the key hurdles in the industry—the distributed computing challenge. The SkySpark Everywhere site-spark-new-1Distributed Architecture allows clusters of SkySpark nodes to work together as a unified system. Data collection, internode communications, analytics processing, and data visualization and reporting work hand-in-hand across networks of connected nodes.

The product is sold through a network of reseller partners that provide implementation services to end customers, and is a single unified software platform that can be applied in everything from small-edge devices to cloud-based servers.

“SkySpark Everywhere from SkyFoundry solves the challenge of implementing a distributed data analytics architecture. The product allows clusters of nodes to work together as a unified system, which addresses the distributed computing challenge of the IoT.” —Peggy Smedley

By Laura Black, senior editor, and editorial staff

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