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Now More Than Ever, Nothing Is Certain

As I write this column, we are just days past the 2016 General Election with its surprise ending. The problem I have now is that my train of thought about technology developments, grounded in well-defined political, economic, and social behavioral patterns, is no longer viable. What I thought would be possible subjects for this month’s column do not work because we simply just do not know what changes are coming to the predictable worldview that existed up to Nov. 7, 2016. It is not like we have a clear understanding of what changes we can expect after Inauguration Day on Jan. 20, 2017. During the campaign, issues (when discussed) lacked substance and positions on just about everything changed regularly. Threats against technology giants were voiced during the campaign, but sent shock waves through the technology community only after the unexpected happened on Election Day. If you are the leaders of Amazon and Apple, what do you now do when you are targets of campaign promises that threaten your business models and put your companies’ long-term viability in jeopardy? Silicon Valley is just now coming to grips with the breadth and depth of the potential disruption to come. At the level
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