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‘QuickStart’ Program Sells Advanced AR/VR Solutions

A new era of interactive enterprise experiences is in store thanks to the growing VR (virtual reality) and AR (augmented reality) markets. CoroWare,, a technology and solutions company, says VR and AR have the potential to spawn a multi-billion dollar industry and compares the game-changing possibilities to those brought about by the advent of the PC in the recent past.

CoroWare aims to push the innovation envelope and capitalize on the possibilities by providing key VR/AR services to enterprise customers that realize this technology’s importance to the future of business. Lloyd Spencer, president and CEO of CoroWare, says enterprises will rely on augmented and virtual reality to run their businesses in the future, but to get there will require a combination of unconventional thinking and pragmatic engineering.

To help companies rise to this dual challenge, CoroWare offers its Mixed Reality QuickStart Program, which merges real and virtual worlds to produce new environments in which physical and digital objects coexist and interact in realtime. From developing an AR/VR business case to selecting the best technology and developing prototypes, the QuickStart program helps fill in the expertise gaps for customers. By leveraging CoroWare’s expertise, customers have a head start in developing and implementing compelling AR/VR solutions that could generate new user experiences for education, training, and marketing.

Spencer says in one potential use case, he recently spoke with a small robotics startup about the Mixed Reality QuickStart Program: “The CEO was interested in the possibility of using augmented reality or virtual reality as a ‘heads-up display’ application interface to their platform instead of carrying a tablet or mobile phone. As well, he was intrigued with the idea of developing an augmented reality virtual robot that could show prospective what the mobile robot could do in a typical workspace environment.”

Instead of investing engineering time and traveling down this hypothetical rabbit hole alone, Spencer says the CEO was interested in using the Mixed Reality QuickStart Program to get a jumpstart on using AR and/or VR. For this potential customer and others, the draw of the program is that they can partner with someone that already has the expertise instead of spending resources to get this expertise in house, which would be a distraction from developing their product. Instead, businesses can outsource the expertise and, theoretically, hit the ground running faster, more efficiently, and more cost effectively.

Spencer says the ROI (return on investment) a business could gain from leveraging the QuickStart program depends on the circumstances. First of all, the program could help the customer make an affordable “go” or “no-go” decision on whether to invest in an AR/VR tool in the first place. Then, if it’s a “go,” Spencer says: “CoroWare can help the customer … imagine new and exciting 3D experiences, using the best augmented reality technologies and development tools to create these new experiences.”


Challenge: Help enterprise customers envision, build, and implement AR/VR solutions.

Risk: Customers must decide whether to leverage CoroWare’s expertise for a fee or go at it alone.

Solution: CoroWare’s Mixed Reality QuickStart Program offers expertise in the areas necessary to bring AR/VR solutions to life.

Payoff: Leveraging the QuickStart program could help customers develop better business cases and start gaining ROI on AR/VR solutions more quickly.

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