It takes someone very special to look deep into the future and make striking predictions about what’s to come based oceans of data. They extrapolate all of this data and interpret our experiences and share our needs and wants. Ultimately, these game-changing predictions will change the lives of millions. These visionary individuals have boundless inspiration that create solutions, patents, and products. Their drive is unmatched and their enthusiasm is contagious. In many cases these geniuses have spent countless hours researching and shaping a market. For the past several years Connected World magazine has coined these very unique individuals as Pioneers. They are the disruptors forging new pathways in this ever-emerging digital age. These men and women are creating solutions in healthcare, sports, fitness, technology, building automation, transportation, smart cities, fashion, and technology and have been experimenting and researching ideas for IoT (Internet of Things) applications. They are the new generation of innovators who have a notion of what is needed. Our Pioneers are solving real-world problems. They are creating solutions, reinventing systems, and creating amazing partnerships. We are starting to see profound changes emerging from these brilliant leaders and motivators that are sparking the entrepreneurial landscape. What follows are some
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