Table of Contents – December 2016

Table of Contents – December 2016

Ideas & Opinions

Infrastructure Is Failing

IoT in IT

LTE Corner

LTE-M Tech for IoT Is Truly Taking Off

In Focus

‘QuickStart’ Program Sells Advanced AR/VR Solutions

Look Who’s Talking- Waqaas Al-Siddiq

Connected World’s 10 Pioneers 

Cover Story – Scholars Changing our World Through the IoT

IoT Innovations 2016, Part II

New solutions shape the market

Politics in an Internet of Things World

How might the IoT make politics more effective, more transparent, and more meaningful?

IoT Device Security Trumps All (Except It Doesn’t)

The industry must take steps to ensure a connected world doesn’t become a hacker’s paradise.


Facebook Buying Stolen Passwords

In a Nutshell

Now More Than Ever, Nothing Is Certain

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