When a company’s all-in with the IoT (Internet of Things), it may seem like it has a one-track mind: all IoT, all the time. This week, AT&T has been that company, announcing several different ways it’s moving forward on IoT initiatives, ranging from connected-device cybersecurity to energy and building management solutions, global enterprise Wi-Fi, and beyond. As a key player in the space, AT&T’s latest moves—making new ecosystem partnerships and expanding various IoT-related programs—advance IoT innovation and adoption in the industry as a whole.

In the cybersecurity realm, AT&T and Ericsson just announced they are partnering to help businesses get the baseline testing and validation they need to better secure their connected devices. As security threats for IoT solutions continue to grow in scope and advance in sophistication, this type of security program is extremely valuable to customers and end users who put their trust in Internet-connected devices.

AT&T and Ericsson are working together to provide the testing and validation service through the CTIA’s new Cybersecurity Certification Program. Specifically, Ericsson’s labs will provide the CTIA’s certification, while AT&T says it will make the certification available to businesses through its Professional Services for the IoT program. The companies’ ultimate goal is to help customers identify vulnerabilities in connected devices that could threaten the potentially sensitive data customers collect and transmit across communication networks. By helping companies identify vulnerabilities, the program can help them address vulnerabilities before they can be exploited.

As another example for first responders, AT&T and Sierra Wireless are working with Panasonic Toughbook Truck for public safety. Panasonic Toughbook devices leverage FirstNet rate plans. A national tour will travel the country to educate law enforcement, fire fighters, and EMS, among others, about the benefits of the FirstNet network. Panasonic is also preparing to offer FirstNet certified devices that are FirstNet Ready and able to offer customers the FirstNet experience.

For first responders, connectivity is critical to ensure effective communication during critical moments. Technology can help give workers the right information to make decisions about how to respond.

In the energy and building-management realm, AT&T has also announced a partnership that will benefit its customers, this time with Synchronoss, a provider of cloud, messaging, digital, and IoT products and platforms. The companies are working together to simplify building management for businesses looking to optimize energy consumption and improve efficiencies.

AT&T will use the Synchronoss Digital Smart Building platform to power a new Energy and Building Management service as part of its smart cities and professional services portfolio. Through this single, cloud-based solution, the idea is that business owners will no longer need to juggle several platforms and systems in an attempt to manage their energy use and costs. Rather, they’ll be able to proactively monitor, manage, and maintain their building’s energy use in near realtime from a single-pane-of-glass dashboard.

The company has also announced a planned expansion of its AT&T Business Wi-Fi service to an additional 60 countries, with plans to add even more in the future. By bringing this critical service to new places and new potential customers, AT&T is playing a role in helping global businesses get up and running (and stay running) in today’s data-driven connected world. Since connectivity isn’t a luxury for businesses anymore, AT&T says Wi-Fi is an important driver in helping businesses create new ways to operate and engage with their customers. This can not only help businesses run more efficiently, but it can also keep them afloat, because chances are their competitors are already making the move get connected.

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