AT&T’s Lurie Is CEO

If you’ve been in the wireless connected devices industry for any length of time now then you know the name Glenn Lurie. Lurie is pretty well known in the halls of AT&T. For one thing, he was instrumental in negotiating AT&T’s exclusive contract for the launch of the Apple iPhone back in 2007. Since then, Lurie has been involved in many key product launches and partnerships within the connected home and connected-car marketplaces.

Lurie is one of those astonishingly magnanimous to amazingly forceful individuals who just can’t let a good deal pass AT&T by. And that’s why it’s not unexpected to see him involved or playing a significant role in the success of many of AT&T’s partner deals when it comes to connected devices or the wireless arena. So it really came as no surprise again to hear that after serving many years as president of Mobility’s Emerging Enterprises and Partnerships’ group he is moving up again and has been named president and CEO of AT&T Mobility.

I suppose in reality, it’s not really that big of a change since Lurie will still be reporting to Ralph de la Vega, who he has been reporting to all along. I should mention de la Vega’s responsibilities have been expanded as well. He will now be CEO of the new Mobile & Business Solutions organization, which means he will be concentrating on both consumers and businesses and keeping their solutions as secure as possible. de la Vega will continue to report to AT&T’s top chief Randall Stephenson.

With all the changes at the helm of the carriers again—Sprint’s Dan Hesse stepping down and Marcelo Claure taking the reigns—it should really be exciting to see who is truly the most hungry to take charge in the connected-devices market.

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