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The Connected World staff contributes daily news articles to the Website on a regular basis, writing about the latest trends in the M2M and connected-device space.

AI Gets New Backing

It’s no secret that AI (artificial intelligence) and complex algorithms, fueled by big data and deep-learning systems, are quickly changing how we live and work.

By | 1/18/2017|

Cat-M1 Gains Momentum in IoT

Category M1 (Cat-M1) LPWA (low-powered, wide area) technology combines lower cost, broader coverage, and better battery life with the globally available and secure LTE infrastructure, and is expected to enable more connected objects.

By | 1/16/2017|

AT&T Talks to Cars and Car Companies

A study issued by the World Economic Forum projects 10% of U.S. vehicles will be driverless by 2026. AT&T,, is teaming with the American Center for Mobility,, to speed the development of self-driving vehicles with the Center providing the space to explore, create, and safely test driverless technologies.

By | 1/11/2017|

Check Glucose Painlessly

Medical monitoring can save lives and improve health. But traditional methods often require a blood draw, which can be painful and annoying. A new wearable tracker can eliminate many of the drawbacks. PKvitality,, a company focused on bio-wearables, has introduced K’Track, a line of trackers with the ability to analyze key physiological markers by simply “tasting” the skin rather than analyzing blood samples.

By | 1/5/2017|

Looking Ahead: U.S. Economy and the IoT

The wellbeing of the U.S. economy is of concern to a large percentage of the world’s population, whether they realize it or not. The U.S. economy is also of great concern to the global IoT (Internet of Things) market. As 2016 came to close and 2017 began, the question becomes: What can be expected in terms of economic performance and, by extension, IoT growth opportunity in the year ahead?

By | 1/4/2017|