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The Connected World staff contributes daily news articles to the Website on a regular basis, writing about the latest trends in the M2M and connected-device space.

February 2019: Tech That’s Open, Fair, and Inclusive for the IoT

Open, as an adjective, means to allow access or passage. Something that’s open is not closed; it’s exposed, unlocked. There’s often a positive connotation with the word open—whether someone’s waiting with open arms, an establishment is open for business, or a business leader is open to suggestions, open sounds inviting and encouraging, probably because it generally is.

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Connected World Awards 2018

The IoT (Internet of Things), AI (artificial intelligence), and machine learning are beginning to provide big value, helping organizations solve business challenges with the help of new, emerging technology.

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May 2018: IoT: The Next Farming Frontier

The IoT (Internet of Things) is significantly impacting the trajectory of the agriculture industry, and Jim Whitaker, co-owner of Whitaker Farms, a family-owned multi-crop farming operation in McGehee, Ark., says the impact will only grow—pun intended.

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Women Lead in a New Age of Innovation

In this era of #MeToo, it’s a great time to celebrate women who never hold back—and who fearlessly imagine, create, develop, discover, and lead. The 2018 Connected World Women of M2M or as we now refer IoT (Internet of Things) award winners epitomize women’s strength, smarts, charisma, dedication, and staying power.

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