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Tim Lindner is a senior business consultant with a software company, and a regular contributor to Connected World. In addition to writing the In a Nutshell column in the magazine, he also writes a regular patent blog for the Website. He can be reached at tlindner@connectedworld.com

Today’s Visual Representations of the IoT Ecosystem Are Like a Seurat Masterpiece

Wikipedia broadly defines the IoT (Internet of Things) as a “network of physical devices that enables these objects to collect and exchange data.” A physical device can be a sensor, a car, a building and any other “smart” object. Things that were once considered “dumb” can be made smart by embedding sensors in them. There are now billions of devices collecting and exchanging and receiving data to keep check on our lives, economy and planet. Every smart device is a point or node in a network.

By | 6/22/2016|

The Long-Term Risk to the IoT: Death by 1,000 Cuts

My highly personal and unscientific survey of the media coverage about the IoT (Internet of Things) suggests that glowing reviews of progress and future brilliance overwhelmingly outweigh cautionary commentary.

By | 2/23/2016|

This Holiday Season, Give Thanks for the Workampers Who Fulfilled Your Online Orders

Most consumers who shop online have no awareness of the complexity of the supply chains that have been created to fulfill orders and deliver them on a promised or guaranteed date.

By | 12/14/2015|

Automated Distribution Center: A Vision of the Robotic Future

Since the introduction of Scientific Management in the 1880s by Frederick Taylor, human labor in factories and other commercial venues such as distribution centers has been scrutinized with the objective of increasing the productivity of workers.

By | 12/9/2015|

When Human Bites Robot: Why Roboethics Will Matter – and Soon

I woke up this morning to find a front page story in The Wall Street Journal about the vandalizing of robotic sign wavers in Los Angeles.

By | 12/1/2015|

This Is Not Your Father’s Supply Chain Anymore

Previously, we described how the change in the way customers buy what they want from retailers had challenged fulfillment operations in distribution centers.

By | 10/13/2015|

Interview with Mike Roberts, Director of Disruptive Innovation, LS Research

Put yourself in the position of the head of a small to midsize company that makes products that have served customers well, products that functioned perfectly as standalone items dedicated to a particular purpose.

By | 9/24/2015|

Can Robotic Mothers Be Proud of Their Children?

On August 12, the University of Cambridge (UK) first published highlights of efforts by its researchers to design, build, and deploy a “mother” robot capable of making 10 “children,” determine which of the 10 were the “best fit” to its intended use, and then incorporate the features of the best child into the next generation of children it would produce

By | 9/4/2015|

Interview with Jim McGuirk, PhD, CEO, Astor Services for Children & Families

Most of us have heard a rising tone of alarm from technologists, educators, social scientists, and politicians about the growing gap between the “haves” and “have nots.”

By | 8/3/2015|

Interview with Gary Les

The successful CEO is many things, but foremost, a leader. Leaders require courage, the conviction of their beliefs, and the savvy to bring together as one the many moving parts of a modern company.

By | 7/31/2015|

Interview with Barry Lunn, CEO, Arralis

Some things we see directly with our eyes, and some we do not. In fact, there are many things we do not see directly, but find evidence of their existence through intermediaries which we have built: Our scientific instrumentation.

By | 7/30/2015|

One Year Later: Revisiting with Diego Ventura, CEO, noHold

One year ago this month, Connected World interviewed Diego Ventura, CEO of noHold about virtual agents, the IoT (Internet of Things), and AI (artificial intelligence). In the year since that interview, the pace of developments in these areas, and for noHold as well, has been blistering.

By | 7/27/2015|

The Supply Chain: Changing at the Speed of Technology

There has been a not so quiet revolution going on in an industry that affects every person in North America, and the long-term consequences for the employment of humans (vs. intelligent machines) in that industry are not rosy.

By | 7/13/2015|

Inceptionism: When the Artist Is an Artificial Intelligence

When something you see or read triggers multiple trains of thought simultaneously, insight follows, the “aha” moment arrives, and you might get a mild headache.

By | 7/8/2015|

Grability Inc. Expands Presence with Major Spanish Supermarket Chain

In the past two days, Grability Inc. has captured broad attention with El Corte Ingles’ announcement of the extension of its intuitive online shopping application to its stores in Portugal.

By | 6/18/2015|