The IoT (Internet of Things) offers so much, but without proper security, a powerful or widespread attack could bring the connected world to its knees.

In the past year, multiple industries have lived through some nasty viruses and data breaches that seem to suggest no data is truly off limits to criminals who want it. Companies such as Real Time Logic,, a provider of enterprise-level security and Web functionality for the IoT, hope to make 2015 less eventful in this regard.

The company has made some updates to its SSL-TLS (secure sockets layer-transport layer security) product, SharkSSL, which Real Time Logic says will help secure IoT devices and infrastructures by protecting against attacks. SharkSSL offers high-speed performance with a small footprint—perfect for embedded devices that form the fabric of the IoT.

Real Time Logic emphasizes the need for companies to minimize device design costs in today’s competitive market. However, developers cannot afford to cut corners when it comes to embedded security. Thanks to its latest encryption and security updates, the company believes SharkSSL is an optimal solution for delivering realtime device security by offering the best of both worlds.

From consumer gadgets, connected cars, and connected home to enterprise devices, healthcare, and beyond, connectivity is playing a crucial role in the global economy. Therefore, the need to secure IoT devices is more important than ever. Fear of the unknown should not hamper innovation, which is why security solutions that do not significantly add to the cost burden of designing and bringing a device to market are key to the IoT moving forward safety and productively. It’s great to see companies like this putting security first in this rapidly growing global economy.

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