Whether you work in healthcare, the transportation industry, or a municipality, having access to Big Data can be a game changer. Enter the IoT (Internet of Things), which is transforming how key verticals are doing business.

MachineShop, www.machineshop.io, is one company that has emerged in the past year to improve the way organizations, individuals, applications, and systems interact with each other.

The company takes a slightly different approach to IoT, however, looking beyond how tens of billions of devices physically connect to the Internet. Instead, MachineShop is focusing in on the trillions of data transactions that will occur through the Internet of services—or the domain where communication occurs through standard services or APIs (application programming interfaces) rather than legacy platforms, middleware, or proprietary protocols.

At the end of last year, the company introduced the addition of nearly 100 new APIs as well as announced its Connected Services Platform supports the MQTT (Message Queuing Telemetry Transport) protocol 3.1.1.

Michael Campbell, president and CEO, MachineShop, attended the most recent Arrow IoT Immersions event, from Arrow Electronics, www.arrow.com, and he told Connected World magazine how key verticals such as transportation and fleet management are beginning to do some interesting things with data and how self-service is becoming more common in the world of IoT.

Arrow IoT Immersions is an event that brings the industry together to discuss key topics such as cloud and security, and focuses on how IoT is changing key verticals such as healthcare, transportation, and the connected city.

The event has already traveled to two different cities—Atlanta, Ga., this past October and Minneapolis, Minn., in December—and it will continue to travel to San Jose, Calif., on March 5, and Boston, Mass., on March 26.

‘Big Data’ changes how ‘Big Business’ operates. How is your company leveraging IoT, Big Data, cloud, and managing to do it in a way that is secure? These are factors the industry will be discussing quite a bit in the year ahead.

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