The next generation of automotive solutions must be able to deliver reliable, safe, and compelling features. BlackBerry,, and its subsidiary, QNX Software Systems,, have recently made several moves to prove its dedication to bringing about this next generation of smart vehicle systems.

First, BlackBerry demonstrated its OTA (over-the-air) update solution at a recent trade show in Detroit as part of its BlackBerry IoT (Internet of Things) Platform. In contrast to the more typical reactive approach of physically updating vehicle software, which is costly and time consuming, the OTA solution helps automakers cut maintenance costs, reduce expensive recalls, and improve customer satisfaction by keeping their vehicles up to date long after the vehicles have rolled off the assembly line.

Additionally, QNX says its QNX OS technology can help deliver timely, context-aware data to drivers via its flexible platform for powering next-generation digital instrument clusters. The company showcased a “cluster innovation wall” that demonstrated the results of QNX OS technology integrated with UI design tools from leading cluster software providers, ultimately enabling seamless integration of navigation, infotainment, and critical driving information into digital instrument clusters.

Finally, QNX and Certicom Corp.,, another BlackBerry subsidiary, are partnering to bring strong cryptography and entity authentication capabilities to automotive software applications and electronic components. As vehicles become more connected, vehicle security is also becoming more important. The two divisions aim to provide a comprehensive security framework for automakers and automotive tier-one suppliers that will simplify the manufacture and deployment of secure, connected vehicles.

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