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IoT to Build Developing Nations

For this column, I am going to dive into how developing countries are building out their infrastructures to support IoT (Internet of Things) applications. There are many opportunities and challenges of adopting IoT solutions in the developing world. Since this is a pretty big discussion I won’t be able to cover it in one blog, so look for the next several blogs to address specific issues facing developing nations and how specific IoT solutions are making a difference.

By | 9/13/2017|

Next Generation of V2I

For this column I am going to address vehicle-to-infrastructure or “V2I” technology. V2I and V2V (vehicle-to-vehicle) technologies are an important part of the future of our society. As vehicles become more autonomous, a lot will change, including how we communicate with our vehicles, how our vehicles communicate with each other, and how our vehicles communicate with their surroundings.

By | 9/6/2017|

IoT Is Driving Retail

In the past few weeks, we’ve talked about some really important trends in the IIoT—the industrial Internet of Things.

By | 8/30/2017|

DOD Tells of IoT Security Gaps

All month long I have been focusing on the IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things). But for this column, I want to dig a little deeper into security. No matter which sector a business operates in, security should be a critical element in its IoT business plan, investment, and deployment.

By | 8/23/2017|

What’s the Market Value for Industrial Wearables?

Recently, my editorial team and I were discussing an article that claimed Fitbit’s sales struggles bode poorly for the wearables market as a whole. The article cited lackluster 2016 holiday sales of fitness trackers and subsequent layoffs at Fitbit as evidence that the wearables market was “stagnant.” But here’s my point—since when did we give Fitbit so much say over the entire wearables space?

By | 8/16/2017|

Going Above and Beyond the Cyber Bill

For this column, I am jumping back into the security discussion to address some pretty significant news that has come up recently in the form of proposed government legislation. As regular readers of my columns you know that I have spent more than a few words on our need to focus on keeping our devices secure.

By | 8/9/2017|

IoT Headed for a Change?

You generally know you’re talking about an important trend when there have only been a handful of similar ones in all of history. Such is the case with the current “Industrial Revolution,” often dubbed Industry 4.0.

By | 8/2/2017|

The “Real” Costs of a Cyber Breach

Cybercriminals often target small businesses because they are relatively easy targets. In fact, in my last column I shared one example in which a fake small business was created as a decoy and was hacked within an hour using just one email address and a single login credential. It’s a great read if you did not see the article last week. I encourage you to go back and read it and learn the many ways small business can protect themselves and avoid being easy targets.

By | 7/26/2017|

Threats to IoT devices Are Growing

Cybersecurity seems to be one of those issues that just keeps coming up in discussions about the IoT (Internet of Things). When talking about healthcare, connected cars, and so on, as an industry we recognize security as a hurdle for enterprise adoption and innovation as well as consumer or end user adoption.

By | 7/19/2017|

Horn, Intel, and IoT

What do John Horn, Intel, and rumors all have in common? They all seem to be a playing a role in catching the IoT (Internet of Things) eye of anyone who follows the space. Just before we all headed off to enjoy the Fourth of July holiday it seems there was a lot of fireworks in the IoT space as it was announced that the formidable John Horn was stepping down from his role as CEO at Ingenu. It’s still unclear as to why he left his role as CEO which he took over in 2015 to help build wireless networks across the globe.

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