Tech: Does It Help or Hurt?

It’s April, and that means it’s distracted driving awareness month across the country. I have even been talking about it on The Peggy Smedley Show. Distracted driving is a reoccurring theme every year on my show and in my blogs because I believe it is one of the most important discussion points in the United States today that we have yet to solve.

By | 4/14/2016|

Data As “The New Black”

Today we’re going to have a part history lesson, part future-forecasting session. In this blog, I want to discuss one of my favorite topics, manufacturing. Before we discuss where manufacturing is headed, I would be very remiss if I didn’t at least take a step back to highlight how far we’ve come.

By | 3/29/2016|

Saving the U.K. Infrastructure

We’ve focused on the United States and this country’s efforts to make our cities smarter.

By | 3/24/2016|

77 Cities Trying to Get Smarter

It’s smart city and infrastructure month on The Peggy Smedley Show this month, and I’ve been excited to talk about an important program that’s setting the stage for innovation and progress in both of these areas—smart city and infrastructure.

By | 3/17/2016|

Whose Responsibility Is It?

Last year, you may remember I covered a campaign called, “My Car Does What?”—a national campaign spearheaded by the NSC (National Safety Council), and the University of Iowa. Since its debut a year ago, the program has really matured in its campaign to help educate drivers on all the new vehicle safety technologies that are making connected cars increasingly safe—and even more autonomous—by helping prevent crashes.

By | 3/10/2016|

AT&T Gets Bullish about Smart Cities

When we talk about the IoT (Internet of Things), a smart-cities discussion is sure to come up. So it’s no wonder a lot of big-name companies want to be at the forefront of all these engagements. And AT&T is positioning itself in the smart-city space in a big way, having announced it is building a framework that leverages the IoT to connect cities. Through IoT innovations and alliances with technology leaders and industry organizations, AT&T’s smart-city framework aims to create impactful solutions for cities and citizens.

By | 3/3/2016|

Deadliest Roads in 50 Years

The entire month of February The Peggy Smedley Show focused on connected cars and even usage-based insurance. So when the NSC (National Safety Council),, unveiled its new road safety report, it certainly turned a lot of heads and garnered a lot of attention. It certainly caught mine. But in case you missed the ruckus, let me enlighten you.

By | 2/25/2016|

OEMs Look to Connect Old Cars

So often nowadays when we talk about the connected car, we talk about safety solutions. That’s because OEMs (original-equipment manufacturers) are realizing that consumers are past the point of simply wanting to be connected to their apps while they’re in the car. They expect it.

By | 2/18/2016|

What’s UBI’s Role behind the Wheel?

In today’s connected world, it’s our responsibility as drivers to choose to be safe behind the wheel. But there are some technology solutions that can help us, or at least incentivize us to drive safely. What these technologies are known as are UBI (usage-based insurance) solutions.

By | 2/11/2016|

Uber Takes on Tech

Have you ever really given much thought to Uber? Maybe what I really should be asking is what do you really know about Uber? The company’s most recent announcements include a pilot program that will leverage smartphone technology to verify customer feedback about how safe or unsafe a driver is during the customer’s trip. As you’d imagine, feedback is integral to the Uber system, which is why the company asks passengers and drivers to review each other after each trip.

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