U.S. DOT Acts on Accessible Mobility

The U.S. DOT (Dept. Of Transportation) is not only tasked with making our roads safer, but it has to worry about our movement in the sky and across the sea. So it’s no wonder that it is making a very big investment in our transportation infrastructure and it is seeking to make it more accessible for more Americans. And that means making more available by land, air, and sea.

By | 9/15/2016|

Infrastructure Needs Rebuilding

I have done a bit a research this past week. As part of this research I discovered a report conducted every four years by the ASCE (American Society of Civil Engineers). It releases a “report card” of sorts that assigns grades to different types of infrastructure here in the U.S.

By | 9/8/2016|

Distractions and Tech, Whatcha Gonna Do?

The National Safety Council, otherwise known as the NSC, released preliminary estimates for motor vehicle deaths in the first half of 2016 and they have a lot to do with driving safety. Aligning the numbers—the actual traffic safety data—with broader technology trends can also help us recognize potential correlations or even causations between traffic safety and the ways in which drivers are using their devices when they are behind the wheel of a car.

By | 8/31/2016|

Intel Gets Into the AR Game

A few weeks ago, on The Peggy Smedley Show, I dedicated an entire segment of the show to the Pokémon GO phenomenon. This AR (augmented reality) app has really taken the world by storm—and with it has come a lot of buzz about AR and VR (virtual reality).

By | 8/25/2016|

IoT Critical to Future Success

It’s time to dig into a newly published report from Vodafone,, and then hone in on what the report has to say about the energy and utilities space. Vodafone recently released its fourth annual “IoT barometer” report, a study of how the IoT (Internet of Things) is transforming the business world.

By | 8/18/2016|

UPS Drives Fleets Forward with Sustainability

There are many companies that are doing some really innovative things. But there is one company that just reached a huge sustainability goal thanks to decades of investment in technology. If I had to bet, I would guess that most of my readers know this company’s iconic brown trucks driving around delivering packages. I am referring to the United Parcel Service of America, better known simply as “UPS.” But I would also bet that most people would not know how focused this company is on technology and sustainability.

By | 8/11/2016|

Yahoo and Verizon, But Why?

If you are like me, you have been asking yourself, what is Verizon doing purchasing Yahoo? More importantly, what does this have to do with the IoT (Internet of Things)? If we take the time to peel back the layers a little bit, we might be able to answer what has been at the heart of Verizon’s vision to acquire Yahoo’s operating business for about $4.83 billion.

By | 8/4/2016|

Pokémon GO, Oh No!

Pokémon GO seems to be all the rage these days. Even the hackers have an eye on the app. They are looking at your data and so much more. This trend is fascinating from many angles. If you really don’t understand Pokémon GO, let me take this time to walk you through some of the more interesting points, at least just briefly.

By | 7/28/2016|

5G to Jumpstart IoT

It’s been a fascination of mine to watch all the newcomers enter the IoT (Internet of Things) space and to have them spew some research that stating, it’s “The Next Big Thing.” While research certainly has its place in any market. I think you have to play very close attention to who is putting it out and what they have to gain by giving you all these numbers.

By | 7/21/2016|

Tesla Takes a Big Tech Hit

The buzz around the IoT (Internet of Things) community is the tragic accident involving a Tesla Model S in autopilot mode that shook many people to the core. Not because it was a car accident because, unfortunately, we hear about human-error or texting, or whatever all the time, but this time this accident challenged the future of autonomous vehicles.

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