Connectivity, The Beacon of Hope for Infrastructure

Have you ever really thought about V2V (vehicle-to-vehicle) communications and how IoT (Internet of Things)-enabled technologies will lessen the need for transportation infrastructure like traffic lights?

By |8/1/2018|

Preventing of Operation Prowli

Why should we keep talking about IoT (Internet of Things) security? Haven’t we talked about it enough? Nope, it’s like death and taxes, they are just inevitable. In my last column, I talked about ways the IoT is increasing the security of our pipeline infrastructure. Security is always relevant, when we’re talking about the IoT.

By |7/25/2018|

Tech in America’s Infrastructure

The energy infrastructure is really changing as it turns to the IoT (Internet of Things) to provide maintenance, monitoring, and even pipeline security. And during the past few weeks, I have taken you on a journey of America’s infrastructure. America’s infrastructure grade, and let’s just be frank, was barely passing—and that’s true no matter how you look at it.

By |7/17/2018|

Energy Consumption and It’s Delivery

For this blog let’s address the energy infrastructure crises, by first examining the current state of the energy landscape in the United States. As I see it, we would be remiss if we did not continue to delve into this very important discussion we had in this blog last week talking about our nation’s infrastructure without first addressing some key facts.

By |7/11/2018|

Failing Infrastructure Costs Trillions

For this column, and perhaps the entire month, I will focus on infrastructure, energy, and IoT (Internet of Things) technology that will have the greatest impact. This is without question one area where our nation needs to spend a little—okay a lot—more focus, and perhaps resources to resolve.

By |7/3/2018|

PTC Lifts the Covers

Out with the old and in with the new. PTC CEO Jim Heppelmann might not agree, but that is pretty much what he is saying about the IoT (Internet of Things) these days and maybe even about some of his less than active partners.

By |7/2/2018|

Questioning of the Efficacy of Health Apps

To wrap up the month-long focus of aging in place and healthcare, let’s take a closer look health apps. More specifically, let me pose a couple of key questions. First, do they really work? And what needs to happen to bring these tools to the next level of adoption and efficacy? Let me say at the outset I have some personal experience using a health app and can talk from my own personal experience.

By |6/27/2018|

The Hurdles Facing Aging In Place

Security and privacy are incredibly important topics when we talk healthcare because the data being collected and exchanged is so intimate and personal. That is why for this column I am going to take a closer look at the hurdles of facing the aging-in-place issues over data and device security, as well as privacy.

By |6/20/2018|

AI and Robotics Reinvent Healthcare

For this column, I think it’s essential to take a deeper look at how AI (artificial intelligence) and robotics will impact healthcare and aging-in-place technologies could improve patient outcomes.

By |6/13/2018|

Aging in Place Means Staying Connected

More Americans are showing an overwhelming preference for aging in place and the good news is that the IoT (Internet of Things) and mobile technology is playing a key role. The aging population is shifting the demographic makeup of the U.S. As the youngest baby boomers enter their golden years, we need to consider the future needs of our nation, especially when it comes to healthcare. The real question is how will mobile technology and wearables in healthcare contribute to a citizens’ ability to age in place?

By |6/6/2018|