Healthcare, IoT, and Global Health

Healthcare and agriculture are two essential industries that have a direct impact on global health. Simply, without healthy crops, we can’t feed and nourish ourselves. Without healthcare, we can’t access experts who can help us prevent, diagnose, treat, and/or manage illnesses, conditions, and injuries. And there is no question that in both industries, accuracy is also incredibly important.

By |6/1/2018|

Blockchain Benefits Ag, But How?

What’s the connection between agriculture and blockchain? At first blush we don’t really think there is a connection, but there is. For those of you who are followers of this blog and the content we place on, then you know we have taken a deep dive to address both blockchain and agriculture. Perhaps not at the same time, but in doing our research it occurred to me that in the very near future blockchain technology will play its part on the future of food.

By |5/23/2018|

IoT to Alter Agriculture and Food

We are going to need the IoT (Internet of Things) to help solve the problems that are facing agriculture and the future of food. There is not a person on the planet that doesn’t understand the importance of food, ag, and farming. Couple these facts with people living longer than ever, and we just keep having babies and you have a pot ready to boil over.

By |5/16/2018|

Microsoft Azure Is Growing a New Ag for the Future

The agriculture industry is one of the most important and perhaps impactful industries in the world and Micorosoft Azure is already planting the seeds sensing the needs for a more connected future in the IoT (Internet of Things).

By |5/10/2018|

Ag, Animals, & IoT Sensors

Agriculture and the future of food is going through a transformation that is being driven by the IoT (Internet of Things). IoT-smart sensing solutions in agriculture are now more than just crop monitoring. Today we are hearing a lot about sensors being used in vineyards and other situations to monitor water use, for instance, but sensors are being used for many other reasons in agriculture. Smart farming technology has been on the rise for more than a decade.

By |5/1/2018|

Securing Your IoT Devices

While the IoT (Internet of Things) offers great potential, it also demands that companies make a greater commitment to security to fend off cyber criminals even if that means focusing more attention on advancements in computing power. Connected devices and the IoT offers such immense potential, but they’re not inherently good, just like they’re not inherently bad.

By |4/18/2018|

Tech to Stop Impaired Driving

Impaired driving is considered one of the most serious types of distracted driving, and in this column, I am going to address technology’s role in curbing drugged driving. Yet, despite the facts and figures, I’m still bewildered by how many people do not believe that drug impairment will lead to distracted driving.

By |4/11/2018|

Distracted Driver Exceptions

For this column, let’s delve into what’s been happening with connected technology and talk about some updates on road safety, distracted driving, and how autonomous vehicles fit into this equation.

By |4/4/2018|

The Race for Quantum

Last month I took a very close look at fog, edge, and cloud computing. It’s been really interesting to speak with various experts in industry and academia about the various trends that are converging right now to make fog or edge computing more viable for industries.

By |4/2/2018|

Cloud, Edge to IIoT

I have spent a lot of space reviewing fog, edge, and cloud computing and now for the column I would like to consider one of my favorite vertical markets: manufacturing. Manufacturing is such a great indicator, at least in my opinion, of where we are now with the IoT (Internet of Things) and where we are headed.

By |3/20/2018|