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Cloud, Fog, and Edge: We Need Them All

For the past few years vendors campaigned heavily telling us all the importance of moving data to the cloud. It was such a hard-hitting effort that even some corporate pitches declared that the best CEOs just might find themselves on the chopping block if they didn’t take the necessary steps to move their data to the cloud

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Li-Fi Takes on the IoT

Does Li-Fi add a new dimension to the smart-city interoperability discussion? I would suspect that most reading this would agree that interoperability in smart cities is costly. In case you need to be convinced, here is some research on the subject. In looking at just one little tidbit from Machina Research it suggests that by 2025, cities could spend an extra $341 billion by adopting a fragmented versus a standardized approach to IoT (Internet of Things) solution deployment. On the other hand, a standards-based IoT environment could improve innovation and adoption of smart-city applications, resulting in a 27% increase in the number of connected devices within smart cities.

By | 2/20/2018|

EU Puts Data on Notice

Here’s a rhetorical question: What comes to mind when you think of the word data? Chances are for your business, data means opportunity. As a consumer, data means something much more personal—something you’d like to protect. But in the IoT (Internet of Things) world, data means both opportunity and risk for most folks.

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Robotics Solutions Are Maturing

Whether your idea of robots involves a factory production line or C-3PO from Star Wars, who specializes in “human-cyborg relations,” you’re probably interested in where industrial and commercial robotics are headed.

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How Green Is Blockchain for IoT?

For this column, I am continuing my commentary that I began last week on blockchain for the IoT (Internet of Things). The first part of my two-part discussion, in case you missed it, helped define blockchain, which is, in essence, a continuously growing list of linked records. If you want to read more just hop over to my blog page.

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What Is Blockchain to the IoT?

If you talk about the future of the IoT (Internet of Things) blockchain is bound to enter the conversation. If you have visited the Connected World Website at this month, you know that we’ve dedicated a lot of content to both data security and blockchain.

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Who’s Driving Your Connected Car?

Let’s look at the connected car, or more importantly, what the autonomous car of the future will look like now that we have had a glimpse of what the tech and auto companies are saying here at CES 2018. So for this column, I thought I would give my predictions for the future of the connected car and what you might expect out of those companies that are ratcheting it up in this space.

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IoT Security Starts with Education

IoT security. For this column I really want to talk about how IoT security impacts the manufacturing industry since that is what the main feature here really addresses as well. And as you will see our Website is focusing more on taking a closer look at the content in a particular area and drilling down even deeper to help you understand how it will impact your bottomline in the year ahead when looking at bigger solutions such as artificial intelligence, augmented reality, big data, data intelligence, Industry 4.0, machine learning, virtual reality, sensors, and cybersecurity.

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Blockchain: Lesson or Not?

Lots of companies are buzzing about blockchain. But there are still many of you that are taking a wait-and-see attitude about the technology. And frankly, as I see it, you must be a student of history. Let me add, you are not alone and you have good reason to be somewhat cautious about its future.

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Protecting Your Data in 2018?

To start the New Year it only seems fitting to look back and address what went well with cybersecurity and data privacy. If we look back at 2017, the data, the trends, what went wrong, and what went right we see the year was wrought with a lot of ups and downs. But despite all the hurdles, there was some legislation that could impact the space in the coming year, and we could see some changes as a result of it. What’s more, as a result of all the hackings and data concerns, 2017 produced some really great research on security, and this is important because it gives us data to analyze, discuss, and to act upon for 2018.

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