The Changing Face of Retail

Every day here at Connected World magazine, we talk about how consumers and professionals are turning to their mobile devices to accomplish all kinds of tasks.

By | 12/17/2015|

This Holiday Season, Give Thanks for the Workampers Who Fulfilled Your Online Orders

Most consumers who shop online have no awareness of the complexity of the supply chains that have been created to fulfill orders and deliver them on a promised or guaranteed date.

By | 12/14/2015|

IoT Gets a New Look

If you haven’t had a chance to check out the cover story of Connected World this month I encourage you to do so.

By | 12/10/2015|

How Smart Is Your Home?

Smart homes are getting connected every day. We’ve all heard the numbers about IoT (Internet of Things) devices and adoption.

By | 12/3/2015|

When Human Bites Robot: Why Roboethics Will Matter – and Soon

I woke up this morning to find a front page story in The Wall Street Journal about the vandalizing of robotic sign wavers in Los Angeles.

By | 12/1/2015|

The Uncarrier View to 2G Sunset?

It’s been talked about for years, yet it is still weighs heavily on the minds of many people. We are talking about the sunset of 2G.

By | 11/19/2015|

Hands-Free Is Risky

I have talked to several people lately about a study conducted from AAA about hands-free technology and everyone I talk to seems a little be surprised.

By | 11/12/2015|

Ethical Hackers

When you hear the word “hacker,” I suspect you automatically get a bad taste in your mouth. And why wouldn’t you?

By | 11/5/2015|

With Great Technology Comes Great Responsibility

I think the headline says it all. Starting today this is officially going to be my new tagline for everything I say and do.

By | 10/29/2015|

Transformation = Disruption: Where Are You?

Transformation = Disruption. Regardless of your view of the IoT (Internet of Things) marketplace, those two words say it all.

By | 10/22/2015|