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FCC Flying without a Net

I am certain the current FCC (Federal Communications Commission),, chairman Ajit Pai had a plan when he declared on December 14 he would vote to repeal net neutrality. But, in the end, the decision to repeal net neutrality escapes me. And it seems unfortunate that the FCC doesn’t understand the adverse effect the ruling will have on small and medium-sized enterprises and how it will negatively impact innovation.

By | 12/18/2017|

Autonomous Retail Grabs Retailers by the Horn

Autonomous retail is coming—and the IoT (Internet of Things) is going to impact connected retail in the future. All of this is coming from some research I saw recently that caught my eye and details how the IoT is impacting this dynamic space.

By | 12/13/2017|

China Sparks New Life In EVs

Time to look at ahead to 2018 and the future of our transportation system, but more specifically, this column will focus on the EV (electric vehicle) sector. A lot is happening internationally regarding EVs that could alter what is happening right around the corner.

By | 12/6/2017|

Remote Monitoring: Not If, But When In Manufacturing

Remote monitoring is changing business, life, and more specifically some industries like manufacturing. For this column, perhaps it might be important to begin with an overview of what we might be able to expect from manufacturing and its adoption of IoT (Internet of Things) technologies in the next several years.

By | 11/29/2017|

The Future of Remote Healthcare

How is remote monitoring helping doctors and patients? What are some of the latest innovations and trends? I remember reading some analysis from Gartner last fall about remote-monitoring technologies in the health space, and it really stuck with me.

By | 11/22/2017|

Taking IoT to First Responders

In light of recent events in the U.S., this column is going to address the need to focus on the people that focus on us: first responders; and how the IoT (Internet of Things) is helping when there is an emergency. However, while I recognize and respect all the sacrifice and dedication our first responders show in times of need, I think we can be doing more to put realtime data in the hands of the men and women who risk their lives for the public.

By | 11/15/2017|

Is SAP Leonardo Still IoT?

I just spent two days learning about SAP Leonardo. Is it a software tool? Is it a technology? Is it a service? I would call it a prolific way of interacting people and connecting technologies, and all of these so-called things we talk about every day to create unprecedented business value. Let’s be honest, all of this next-wave thinking can be nebulous at best, if the right elements are not implemented. If businesses and enterprises are to be truly successful, business processes must data transparent, proactive, and realtime.

By | 11/10/2017|

Game Changing Remote Monitoring

For this column let’s take a closer look at remote monitoring and how the data gathered is potentially game-changing industries, lives, and businesses. More specifically, one of the industries—agriculture—that’s really reaping rewards from these IoT (Internet of Things)-enabled solutions.

By | 11/8/2017|

The Future of AVs, EVs, & the Grid?

For this column, I will be wrapping up my month-long discussion about energy by focusing on EV (electric vehicles), AV (autonomous vehicles), and their role in the smart-grid conversation—both now and in the future.

By | 11/1/2017|

IoT: One Utility Pole at a Time

Energy and utilities affect everyone—businesses and consumers alike—all across the globe, and the benefits of applying IoT (Internet of Things) technologies to this sector are immense.

By | 10/25/2017|