In an effort to help organizations make the most out of their connected devices and systems in 2018, u‑blox,, has unveiled its new full Bluetooth 5 compliant NINA-B3 wireless MCU (microcontroller unit) module.

The new wireless chip comes with Bluetooth low energy long range connectivity to allow for higher data transfer rates. It also supports Bluetooth mesh and 802.15.4 to power solutions for smart buildings, smart cities, and of course, IoT (Internet of Things). Here, organizations will have better management of smart lighting systems, industrial sensor networks, asset tracking solutions, and building automation systems.

Smaller end product designs see a more optimal radio range performance from the module’s highly sensitive internal antenna. The only drawback may be that product developers are afforded limited effort into designing product variants only fitted for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity.

While the new module aims to be a versatile solution for all, two variants of the chip enable organizations to implement the right Bluetooth connectivity they need. NINA‑B31 is synched with u-blox’s Connectivity Software, making it easier for product developers to embed programs, which in turn leads to a faster turnaround to market. In addition, this variation features u‑blox’s proprietary secure boot, meeting crucial security needs within industrial and medical applications.

On the flip side, the NINA‑B30 selections widens consumer options when it comes to Bluetooth mesh and Thread support through wired and wireless interfaces. It comes with a Cortex M4F microcontroller for more advanced applications that are directly on the module. The result is a smaller end device size and lower costs.

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