To bring vending machines into the future, they need to be equipped with technology that will make them part of the IoT (Internet of Things). The ability to accept mobile payment technology is an important part of this future.

M&M Sales Co.,, will accomplish this by leveraging ePort Connect by USAT (USA Technologies),, a provider of wireless, cashless payment and M2M/IoT solutions for small-ticket, self-serve retailing industries. The two companies have announced an exclusive market agreement that will equip 100% of M&M Sales’ vending, self-service, single cup coffee, and micro-market locations to USAT’s ePort Connect service within the next five years.

ePort Connect, USAT’s flagship service platform, is a PCI-compliant, end-to-end suite of cashless payment and telemetry services that enable and track the acceptance of cash, credit/debit card, and mobile wallet payments. The NFC (near-field communication)-capable system makes it possible for M&M Sales to quickly and safely accept mobile payments such as Apple Pay, Google Wallet, and Samsung Pay, giving the company an advantage over the competition in a mobile, connected world.

The company says cashless and mobile payments are no longer the future; they are the “now.” Servicing more than 4,000 vending machines and single-cup coffee brewers, M&M Sales is making a smart move to remain on the cutting edge by adopting the technology that will make it relevant as mobile payment adoption grows.

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