Too often, companies can’t make the business case for IoT (Internet of Things) adoption because there is a lack of use cases that demonstrate viable value and ROI (return on investment) for the company’s particular setting or environment. One company is dedicated to helping industrial businesses establish much-needed IoT use cases.

Bsquare,, a provider of enterprise software solutions, is focused on helping customers extract business value from physical assets. Bsquare’s DataV IoT software stack, which helps create IoT opportunities for enterprises by monitoring device data, automating processes, and predicting events, is helping customers achieve better business outcomes, especially when it’s paired with Bsquare’s DataV IoT Services. The suite of IoT services includes key systems integration and engineering services that ease the implementation burden for companies deploying the IoT.

In a recent announcement, Bsquare says DataV has successfully concluded use-case-specific PoCs (proofs of concept) with customers across multiple industrial sectors. Since PoCs act as precursors to full commercial deployments by helping companies confirm and understand the viability of IoT in industrial environments, Bsquare is helping industrial companies demonstrate tangible business value from the IoT. In turn, this tangible business value will drive IoT adoption in the industry, which will prompt even more innovation in the space.

The modular DataV architecture includes modules for device connectivity, realtime processing in the cloud, and multidomain data analytics. Bsquare says among the use cases DataV has established in industrial environments are a manufacturer of smart power meters and related equipment; a large commercial truck manufacturer; and a candy manufacturer/operator of vending machines.

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