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Cambium Seeks to Connect the Unconnected

A connected world means more than a connected North America, more than a connected Europe, and more than a connected Asia. A truly connected world is one in which all people, places, and things can exchange data, ideas, and commands. One company, Cambium Networks,, is making it a corporate mission to bring this vision to reality.

The company provides wireless broadband solutions globally to service providers such as enterprises, government and military agencies, oil and gas companies, utilities, Internet service providers, and public-safety networks through its portfolio of wireless broadband PTP (point-to-point) and PMP (point-to-multipoint) platforms. Several new announcements will help Cambium in its mission to help customers build powerful, sustainable communications networks.

First, Cambium announced it has received FCC (Federal Communications Commission) grant authorization to operate fixed outdoor wireless in the U-NII (unlicensed national information infrastructure) band covering 5150 and 5250 MHz. The additional 100 MHz spectrum is part of the company’s 2.1 software release. Coinciding with this news, the company launched a new solution, ePMP Force 100, which it says will enhance performance in high-interference deployments.

Described by Cambium as a “high-gain integrated subscriber solution,” ePMP Force 100 expands the operating range of 5 GHz ePMP radios to include 5150 MHz and features the company’s latest software release (2.1). The release includes enhancements to Cambium’s eCommand suite of network-management tools and to eFortify, which the company says allows the platform to recognize and react to external interference.

Cambium also announced a customer agreement with Orion Telekom,, a private Internet service provider in Serbia as well as Central and Eastern Europe. Orion Telekom, which has more than 100,000 residential broadband Internet customers, says it was looking for a partner that would help it increase network performance and throughput quickly, reliably, and cost effectively, in order to keep up with demand in the enterprise and residential sectors.

The two companies signed a multi-year agreement to upgrade Orion’s networks and lay a foundation for future growth. Cambium Network engineers will work with Orion to replace portions of the existing network with Cambium Networks’ technology. By continually working to improve its existing portfolio and to expand its technology into new areas, Cambium hopes to help connect the unconnected.

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