It’s easy to get lost when visiting a college campus, but a new interactive map can take the stress away from finding oneself wandering aimlessly around the school.

OHSU (Oregon Health & Science University),, along with the CampusBird,, interactive map platform from concept3D,, has created an online map which school officials view as an integral part of its way in finding strategy and enhancing the visitor experience.

The school sits up on a hill, thus making it difficult for people to navigate around the terrain to reach the university, hospital, and research facility. As an example, a person could be entering one building on the second floor, but the ninth floor of another.

“Campus officials are trying to help visitors, patients, and students get here, and they don’t always need to have them view the entire map,” says Christina Elmore, web project manager, CampusBird. “They may want to focus on certain areas. Being able to choose just one category, like just parking destinations, or being able to choose two specific places, like a parking garage and one building, is really helpful for all the different needs we have across our campus and hospital.”

The new map incorporates 3D and 360-degree panoramic features to see the buildings and other landmarks around campus. It has detailed directions and descriptions of several parking structures, hours and menus of cafes, and tips for getting around campus using a tram, bus, or streetcar. The map works with Google Maps and lets the user zoom in or pan out to get a better view of the surroundings.

“We’re excited to be partnering with an OHSU team that has done such a great job of serving such a broad audience and making each individual feel welcome,” says Lisa Harris, vice president of marketing, concept3D. “Their obvious commitment and attention to making the visitor experience as smooth as possible is impressive.”

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