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Seven Key Questions M2M Communities Must Answer

There are seven key questions about data deployment related to M2M solutions that MUST be addressed. They are as important as any ROI, TCO (total cost of ownership) or emerging, enlightened EIM (economic impact model).

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2013: 10 Signs that M2M is Moving to the Next Phase

As 2012 draws to a close, let’s look at 10 positive signs that will drive the growth of M2M in 2013: 1. New Focus for Solution Developers – The focus of the value creation of other solution developers and marketers—including Millennials—will be the enterprise, SMB (small and mid-sized business) and something new, The Quantum Enterprise. Working for big business is good business; working to create new businesses is great business.

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M2M is NOT a Race

Too many people are delivering too many blog posts, online articles, conference speeches, investor pitches, and sales presentations emphasizing the ‘race’ to connect ‘everything.’ All of this false urgency to deploy M2M yesterday implies that enterprises are at mortal risk if they do not deploy an M2M solution today.

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Rational and Irrational Fears of a “Robotic” Future

The I, Robot world where every person owns a humanoid robot assistant is not upon us, but daily, robotic technology plays new roles in an expanding universe of applications that feature higher levels of autonomy for solutions enabled by connected device solutions. Much ink is being spilled today about unmanned vehicles—mislabeled drones—and how uncomfortable they are making many people with the prospect of a Terminator or Berserker-like future.

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Perfect Timing to Re-Elevate Time

Just about the time M2M, IoT (Internet of Things), and connected-devices strategies are moving toward the center of more business plans, product roadmaps and IT budgets, the ‘luddite’ argument against screen time moves toward one of the centers of the technology universe. Last week a number of tech cognoscenti offered their opinions on ‘unintended consequences’ of too much time spent with our smartphones.

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The Next 20 Billion Nodes Survey Update: Carriers Bridesmaids? Proceed with Caution.

Our partner from Connected World, Chief Editor Mike Carrozzo, wrote about AT&T and its commitment to the residential automation market earlier this month on the Connected World blog. He raised a number of great points, but the one that prompted this blog post was his question on the market development impact of the AT&T brand in the home-automation segment.

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Survey Update: Which Data Exactly?

The sample is growing for the Connected World – INEX Advisors survey. We are sharing interesting early returns as part of our commitment to keep you in the loop on what we are learning.

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