Unmanned Friendly Flying

Drone usage is on the rise and will only increase. This means that drones need some air traffic control and management for the future. One state is going to pave the way for future initiatives.

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Exchanging Security for Saving

With personal security being an underlining concern when it comes to adopting the IoT (Internet of Things) in the home, a new report from Parks Associates,, has pointed the opposite direction, as 50% of U.S. broadband households noted they are open to sharing data and device control for discounts on electricity.

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Honoring Caregiving Tech

As the IoT (Internet of Things) has improved daily lives, perhaps its greatest use has been to save them. That’s why AARP,, is looking for nominations to recognize the best innovations in caregiving for the 2017 AARP Innovation Champion Awards, which will be announced in June.

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Bluetooth 5 Chipsets Evolve

Bluetooth 5 is coming with longer range, higher speeds, and increased broadcasting capacity, making it a wireless RF (radio frequency) protocol for low-power, mobile personal networks, and remote controls, as well as longer-range building and IoT (Internet of Things) networks.

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