Securing Your World

Nowadays, every app, service, or device we use needs a password. While they add the level of security, we need to manage so many accounts for different things, it can be challenging to come up with new passwords that keep information safe and are easy to remember.

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Water Reuse Projects Crash into the States

Some place take for granted access to clean water; Bluefield Research,, is looking at a new trend emerging that is aiming to effectively reuse municipal water supplies and save energy in the face of climate changes or other threats.

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Securing the Enterprise

A strong enterprise is a secure enterprise. That’s why NetMotion Software,, a leader in MPM (mobile performance management) software, is teaming with Samsung,, to keep important company data and information in house.

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Bluetooth 5 Chipsets Evolve

Bluetooth 5 is coming with longer range, higher speeds, and increased broadcasting capacity, making it a wireless RF (radio frequency) protocol for low-power, mobile personal networks, and remote controls, as well as longer-range building and IoT (Internet of Things) networks.

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Cat-M1 Gains Momentum in IoT

Category M1 (Cat-M1) LPWA (low-powered, wide area) technology combines lower cost, broader coverage, and better battery life with the globally available and secure LTE infrastructure, and is expected to enable more connected objects.

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